Saturday, August 6, 2011


This is Tashi and she is a stray.

Tashi is currently heavily pregnant and hangs around outside the house where she gets her daily meals in Bandar Sg Long. The person who wants to help Tashi cannot take her in because she is already overloaded with six dogs.

From her looks – the forehead, nose area and nails – we can see that she is shar pei cross. Sadly this means Tashi is a product of human inconsideration whereby an unneutered male shar pei must have probably be let loose to sow his bloody wild oats.

We simply cannot take even one dog in at the moment and hope that we will be able to make space if some of our adult dogs are hopefully adopted next weekend. Till then we are begging for a place for Tashi to stay and have her babies.

We will put her pups up for adoption before neutering Tashi and finding her a permanent home. Please, please help us help poor Tashi.

Please call 019-3576477 if you can help us give Tashi a second chance in life.

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