Sunday, July 3, 2011


Last weekend someone from Teluk Pulai, Klang called to say that his neighbours had 'discarded' their Jack Russel Terrier. They had simply opened the gate and shooed the dog out. The poor fellow had returned home only to be chased away again by the maid. The man, who called us, took the dog back to the house but was told that it was not theirs. This in spite of the man being a neighbour who had seen the dog at the family home on many occasions. Jackie is now at our panel vet and will be neutered today and put up for adoption this coming Sunday. We are shocked over the spate of abandonment that has been ongoing in recent times. How can people be so brutal?


marina anakcikbob said...

they just 'shooed' their dog away?
it's just too much!

Anonymous said...

I hope their kids shoo them away when they grow old. Morons.