Saturday, July 2, 2011


This old male Pomeranian was left tied to a post near an MDDB volunteer's house in Klang recently. He had a maggot wound in his mouth and is partially blind due to cataract. One of his testicles also appears to have a tumour on it. According to our Klang panel vet one of the old dog's testicles is embedded inside - the one outside has the tumour.
His maggot wound has healed and given that the vet reckons he is really a very senior citizen, we have been advised against any form of surgery as the anesthetic may kill the old boy.
He is currently boarding at our vet as we do not want to stress him by bringing him into our half-way home. We are now looking for a fosterer to take this fellow in and give him love and care for the last few months or couple of years of his life.
We do not have the heart to cage him up at our half-way home as he deserves a chance to be with a human family that will love and care for him. If you are willing to foster him, do not worry about Uncle Pomeranian's veterinary care as we will open an account for him at one of our panel clinics and you can take him there whenever there is a need. MDDB will fully cover his veterinary expenses.
However, apart from his tumour and cataract, Uncle Pomeranian does not appear to have any other medical problems.
Whoever that had abandoned him at his twilight years is nothing but a piece of crap. How could they do this to their pet? Didn't they even love him a little?
Those willing to foster Uncle Pomeranian please call 019-3576477 or write to


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless. Are there really such heartless human animals around? Don't they feel a bond with the animal after keeping it? So underhand too. Just sneakily dump to another person. Now we know why this world is such a mess. No honesty and ethics around anymore. People are dragged up nowadays, not brought up. I'm sure the same fate as the pom will befall the butthead who did this to him.

Diana Chiew said...

That is so sad! Yes, how could people do such a thing. Guess they have never loved him even when they have him. Just hope that all people can be educated on petownership.

abby said...

i found a dog like this too.. he was running around the street he almost got runned over by a bus my husband caught him we brought him home and aperantly he has a tumor on his testicles. what should i do with him? :(

abby said...

i found a Pomeranian dog too he was running around the street a bus almost ran him over. my husband caught it he apparently has a tumor on his testicles. I dont have money for the caring of surgery. And i can dump it out in the street like that.