Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Golden Retriever found in Damansara Utama Update

GOLDIE - born blind - believed to be because her parents were closely related
Damansara Utama puppy, blind in one eye.

The Golden Retriever pup found at Damansara Utama was taken to our panel vet by Reko and Mikheala this afternoon and according to the vet, the eye condition was a birth defect.
He said that there were two options - one was to allow the eye to remain but to constantly keep it clean given that there will be discharge.
The section option would be to 'clean out' the damaged eye and stitch-up the lid at the same time when she is being spayed. However, she is currently too weak for the surgery and both Reko and Mikheala have kindly agreed to foster the poor girl.
The pup is said to also have some problem with her hip and this has to be attended to as well. They also took her to their regular vet and the prognosis was the same. We believe that this puppy must have been spawned at some backyard breeder's - who would have unscrupulously mated a bitch and sire that were probably siblings or a parent and a child.
This is what happens when two dogs with very very close blood ties are mated. We believe this is also the same thing that must have happened to Goldie the Labrador who is blind in both eyes. There must be effort to prevent pet shops from selling puppies obtained from unscrupulous backyard breeders.
Meanwhile, we have chosen option two whereby the defective eye would be removed and the lid stitched-up.
We believe this would be the best for the puppy as well as the family that adopts it. Puppy's treatment is open for sponsorship. Please call 019-3576477. THANK YOU REKO AND MIKHEALA.

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