Friday, July 8, 2011


JOHN WAYNE the dog was found lying on the white line in the middle of a busy road in Port Klang last year by a member of canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB).

He was believed to have been hit by a car and was found in a semi-conscious state.

“As soon as he had been dragged into the car, John Wayne fainted and only regained consciousness about an hour later at one of our panel veterinary clinics,’’ says MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai.

Currently the large-sized dog, named John Wayne due to his cool demeanour, has overcome his trauma and is ready for adoption.

“He is being fostered by a kind lady who has managed to turn John Wayne’s life around,’’ said Lai adding that the dog would do best if he was the only pet in the family.

Another dog under MDDB’s care currently is Jackie the Jack Russel Terrier who was thrown out of his house by his human family.

“They didn’t want him anymore and so they just opened the front gate and shooed him out,’’ said Lai.

Both John Wayne and Jackie are two of the many dogs, puppies and kittens that would be put-up for adoption at the MDDB adoption drive in Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday.

The adoption drive will be held at the shopping complex’s main entrance between 11.30am to 7.30pm.

MDDB would also be having another one of its monthly adoption drives at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya on Sunday, July 17 which is the following week.

“Our Jaya One adoption drive will also feature about 20 dogs, puppies and cats,’’ said Lai adding that the canine welfare project was filled to the brim with rescue cases at the moment.

The Jaya One adoption drive will be held between 11.30am to 7.30pm at Block NB1, facing Station 1 and Old Town White Coffee.

MDDB also needs dog, puppy, cat and kitten dry and canned food, rice, dog and cat shampoo, bleach, soap and old newspapers.

Those wanting to donate these items can drop them off at the Summit Subang Jaya or Jaya One.

Details: visit or write to or call 012-2052906 012-2052906019-3576477 or 012-3739007.


去年在巴生港口,約翰•韋恩(John Wayne)狗被發覺它躺在一個中間繁忙的白線公路上由一位成員來自狗狗福利項目馬來西亞狗隻保護協會(MDDB)。
約翰•韋恩是許多狗,小狗和小貓其中將會提出給領養在馬來西亞狗隻保護協會(MDDB)的領養活動上在Summit Subang Jaya本星期日。
MDDB也將會有另一個每月的領養活動在Jaya One商場八打靈再也(Petaling Jaya)週日,7月17日也就是下週。
“我們在Jaya One商場的領養活動上將會採用20狗,小狗和貓,'賴小姐補充,在這個時刻狗狗福利項目中已經填充滿了救援的案件。
Jaya One商場的領養活動將舉辦於上午十一時三十分至晚上七時三十分在NB1座,面對Station1和Old Town White Coffee。
社區發展和一體化倡議(CDII)董事Firoza Burhanudeen說,MDDB的成本上升,主要是由於獲救的狗的治療和手術的需要。
那些想捐贈這些物品可以將它們送到Summit Subang Jaya商場或是Jaya One商場。

詳細信息:訪問 或寫,或致電012-2052906 012-2052906019-3576477 或012-3739007。


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