Monday, July 4, 2011

Golden retriever with eye injury found at Jalan 21/36, Damansara Utama

W received a call from someone this evening saying that they had spotted a golden retriever puppy with a severe eye injury around their housing estate. The person brought the dog to his gated community's guard house and fed it before calling us. Thanks to several people, the puppy was picked-up and it is currently spending the night at Reco Wong's place in Seri Kembangan. Reco will bring the puppy to our panel clinic in Subang Jaya tomorrow and we will be meeting her there. The puppy's left eye seems to be punctured and we are wondering if the puppy acquired the injury after wandering away from home and losing its way or was dumped because of the injury. We may have some inkling to what could have happened after the vet has examined the pup and delivered prognosis tomorrow. This is really troubling as this is the third pedigree we have rescued in the last three days. What gives? We foresee a long haul for this poor pup at the veterinary clinic as the injured eye appears to be severely infected. We welcome potential fosterers, adopters and sponsors for the puppy. Call 019-3576477.

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