Sunday, January 17, 2010


Majlis Perbandaran Klang is now feeling the heat. They have realized their folly of cramming their pound with dogs. They are now allowing people to adopt dogs from their pound for free. Please help us by adopting a dog each – our next move would be to push the local council to embark on a TRAP-NEUTER-RELEASE project. However, we still need to email the relevant people protesting over the carnage. Please help us by sending emails of protest to:

If you can please also lodge police reports for the torture of the dogs at the pound against.

a) Selangor state executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu

b) MPK president Mislan Tugiu

c) MPK Health department's acting director Zulkfli Abbas

d) MPK dog catchers

e) Majlis Perbandaran Klang

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