Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is Madeline who is in the care of seasoned fosterer Lynette. Madeline was among the first batch of puppies rescued from the pound and handed over to us. Does she look like she cannot be saved?

We are pretty pissed-off with what we heard today. Apparently a vet with the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) has instructed that all the puppies in the Klang pound be put to sleep because they 'won't survive.'

No doubt, some of the puppies have succumbed to distemper, parvo or corona but many have also survived including Madeline - who is ready for adoption.

This vet Dr TR (who is incidentally a Klang girl) has no right to make such sweeping and stupid statements.

Her instructions were conveyed to us by the pound workers - and we feel that even though the Klang Municipal Council had waived all payments to encourage people to take dogs from the pound - Dr TR has just thrown a spanner into the MPK's efforts.

Instead of making stupid statements such as this Dr TR should advise the pound people to:

  • separate mothers and pups from the rest of the dogs
  • separate pets and strays
  • separate sick dogs from healthy ones
  • instruct MPK to provide the pound with disinfectant and detergent to clean the place
  • instruct the MPK to build a proper drainage system for the water from the pound to flow out (it is now seeping out onto the road outside - creating contamination of sorts)
Sadly, Dr TR's constipated mentality is what we get in a large number of young vets these days.


Janz said...

WAT KIND OF VET SHE (DR TR) IS? HOW CAN SHE GET THE VET'S LICENSE??? SUCH A CUNNING N CRUEL ACTS DOESNT FIT TO BE A VET!!!!! Shame on HER!!!! All living creatures deserve to live in tis world.. who is she to INSTRUCT THT ALL PUPPIES TO BE PUT DOWN??? she is one of the many ANIMAL DEVILS out there...

Anonymous said...

... and she calls herself a vet... insulting!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the double standard when it comes to healthcare for humans and animals - perhaps this vet can suggest putting abandoned babies to sleep as well - oh wait, that's different!

Anonymous said...

Dr TR, whatever u have done, GOD will see...

Anonymous said...

Funny... she is a lady and I am just wondering, is she human or better still, a mother? Because I have one question for this Dr TR... (If the Dr even is suppose to be given to this kind of people who is a vet Dr but acts not like a animal Dr) If your mother or father or children or anyone close to you, has a cut on the hand or never had a shower for 2 days, shouldn't they be put to sleep because they are not of survivable nature? Go figure...

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...i have personally been to the pound myself, and coincidentally, i have spoken to the workers myself. as there is no medical/ veterinary care available at the pound and no one to swiftly isolate the puppies, the instructions given were that only the very sick pups were to be euthanised humanely so that they did not pose a risk of infection to the other pups.it is unfair to make such allegations about Dr TR without speaking to her personally about it. she has been actively involved in many animal welfare issues recently, and is trying to make a difference. please do not jump to such conclusions without making thorough investigations.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am a pet owner and have taken my cats and dogs to UPM for treatment many times when Dr TR was working there. So, I know how bad she is as a vet. I believe her contract was also not extended for obvious reasons. The pound workers had clearly told us what she had instructed. If she was indeed a vet worth her salt, she would have given them the right advise on how to manage the pound. You are right - she has been actively involved with many animal issues only RECENTLY after she was employed by the DVS. And she certainly been rotten at it.

Anonymous said...

i had a three year contract with UPM and i chose to resign when i was offered a permenant job with DVS.I have been quiet all these while but what you wrote today is too much... stop spreading lies just to get publicity ok. First and foremost were you there listening to what i told the MPK pound workers? How can you make these allegations based on hear say.... you are the worst kind of dog owner i have evr met in my whole life... Your Dog mimmi mae died because of your stubbornness and your negligence so stop venting it out on me. I never instructed the MPK pound workers to put down ALL Puppies... who am i to instruct them.... they dont work for me... GET your Facts right before writing ok... you keep spreading lies like this one about me you will be hearing from my lawyers...... i'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Are you Dr TR? Then you should speak to the pound workers. i was there at the pound during YB Charles' visit when they said this. You must think I am someone else. I never had a dog called mimmmi mae. You may remember me though, I have two labradors and three Persian cats. So, it looks like it you who should be worried about legal suits for jumping the gun.

Stella said...

First of all Ms/Mr Annonymous,
If you have the all the guts to accuse Dr TR who happens to be my vet for my dogs too...why are you anonymous..why not have some guts to print your name.
To all the readers out there, if not for Dr. TR my dog who nearly died giving birth won't be running around me at this very moment.
infact she succesfully gave birth 2 beautiful puppies...thanks to Dr. TR. I have been going to Dr. TR since she was in UPM and she is one of the greatest doc I have met..infact I ahve recomeneded many of my Friends to her.
It's a shame people like anonymous or Sharmini Poko uses this blog which is dedicated for animal to voice their personal dissatisfaction.
Please if you reallyy care about the dogs and puppies at the pound..go do something to make a difference rather than wasting your time writing about other people...and getting all personal.
Dr. TR don't you worry i just happen to stunmble upon this blog and I have already told all my friends abt this and we are behind you especially Suzie..who will always love you for saving ehr life and her puppies...

Stella Putra Heights

Sheng Mee said...

Oh Janz,
Got to ask you ...were you there when the incident happened??
I doubt you were...so why say all kind of things about someone you don't know and something you probabaly care less...
And why not go lend a helping hand to Sharmini Popiko Sahsa who APPARENTLY cares so much about the puppies at the pound.
Question to Janz and Sharmini ..why not adopt Madeline since you APPARENTLY 'care so much'.
Dear readers i bet my last dollar that this Sharmini or Janz who is probably also a vet ..will never adopt madeline..

Lee said...

Dear DR TR,

My daughter is quite active as an animal activist too and she pointed me to this article.
I believe you know me we have met before , I am also a vet and you have helped me out in my clinic.
Sharmini Popiko Sasha, I am surprised that an animal activist like you can post such a blog..making a mockery of another vet.It shows how professional you must be in whatever you do.

Dear readers...I use to be and still am an animal activist but being an animal activist does not mean putting another soul down but finding ways to work with another soul to make this world a better place for ALL ANIMALS.

Dr. TR , I will have a word with the MPK council ( the Pengarah is a friend of mine) on this pound and Sharmini Popiko shame on you for appearing so unprofessional..

Anonymous said...

I have followed this blog occasionally and if the author should be commended it should be for the sensational tabloid style news reporting!!! If the blog aim is to promote animal welfare awareness then its just NOT doing it! It seems this blog serves to fuel one person personal agenda and only serve to dilute the cause for animal welfare!!

Its surprising how many of you ignorant lots (i.e those who have made some worthless negative comments) easily bash Dr TR up based on an article which even a journalism major student would find laughable.

Given Dr TR's track record at DVS I personally believe she would have not made such blatant statement. Has the author consider the possibility that the pound workers just might have made those remarks only to make their work easier (to get rid of the dogs at a go) so they didnt have to provide the necessary vet care DR TR recommended????

As long as I have known Dr TR, she has been a dedicated vet who has made every effort to help her patients. Her stint at UPM was never terminated, it was her own decision to leave UPM and join the government. In any case, it doesnt take a genius to realise that failure for a pet to receive adequate medical care at a teaching HOSPITAL can never ever lie on the shoulder of a single individual. The disappointment in service from UPM in my opinion is a collective institutional failure of the hospital irrespective of Dr TR presence or not.

Dr TR represent a dim light in a very dark and tortuous tunnel in our aim to develop animal welfare in Malaysia. The least we all should do is to support and provide constructive critisim/advice and not BITCH about hearsay!!!

M.C said...

Dear Dr TR,

Hi, there may be some remarks made which may not be true but to put matters aside as Lee has mentioned, we should find a way to work together and make things right for ALL ANIMALS. I suggest that maybe a solution or action plan on the klang dog pound situation be carried out under the instruction of DVS since DVS has certain rights and rulings on animal welfare and guidelines.

I'm merely making a suggestion and not trying to teach how DVS should work. If Dr.TR, has an action plan maybe we can work things out on the klang dog pound situation? I've been to the dog pound numerous times, so maybe i can brief you on what i saw on my personal accounts and work things out with relevant authorities and NGOs? It's all about the animals at the end of the day not us.

If i do hear from you at this site, i'll try to be in contact with you.

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...


rp said...

I am disgusted by the owner/ writer of this blog. To accuse Dr TR of instructing the pound workers to put down the all puppies is shameful and utterly unprofessional.

I have known Dr TR as a Vet to my pet dog and now, over the years, we have become more than just client/Vet. I have grown to respect her as a Vet and a friend and also wish that i could emulate her genuine love and desire for helping animals.

Sometimes we need to work within the system to change things. Dr TR is not one who asks for fame and glory for what she does and believes in. She CHOSE TO JOIN the Veterinary Services Department as a government employee because she wants to make a difference and bring about change to the current sad state of affairs for animals in this country.If only we had more public servants like her.

Give her an oppurtunity, give all young vets an oppurtunity. I have met many who are passionate and decided to become vets because they CARE. Unfortunately, it is people like you who will cause them to become a disillusioned lot. In fact, it is because of people like you, and maybe even you, that many young dynamic vets have decided to stay away from animal activists.At the end of the day, the only ones who will suffer are the animals.

To the owner of this blog WN, many of us know you to be a journalist, but do correct me if i am wrong - is this what professional journalism is all about? To report hearsay is one thing, but to make malicious remarks about the said person without thorough investigation is another matter altogether. SHAME ON YOU.

After having read many entries in this blog of yours, i realise that PUBLIC FUNDS are collected by an organisation called Community Development and Integration Initiative (CCDI)to fund this Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better project.

I find it appalling that an organisation with such a bold, proud and inspiring name is using PUBLIC FUNDS in a manner that burns bridges within the community instead of building these bridges that we Malaysians desperately need.You have definitely lost the support- financially or otherwise- of me and my friends.

I think as mature citizens of this country, and furthermore, as animal lovers (and there aren't many of us around), let's step up and stop this destructive behaviour that CCDI and MDDB seem to propagate.

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

1. TR, I am amused........with your new found confidence. I welcome you to seek legal redress because it would be an avenue for us to highlight the abuse of strays by the local council. All that would be in the afidavit. I would suggest that you file a multi-million RM suit as this would get us the most publicity - within and without the country. As for my dog ownership abilities - Res ipsa loquitur. As for my Mimi-Mae, don't forget that you had a role in her death too.

2. And Stella, this is about animals. This is about a DVS vet not giving the appropriate advise to pound workers. It is something you would know if you 'had not stumbled' upon this blog. You said: "Please if you reallyy care about the dogs and puppies at the pound..go do something to make a difference....'' We say: When someone asks you to come over and support them in the comments section - read at least a few postings please.

3. Sheng Mee - you said: Sharmini Popiko Sahsa who APPARENTLY cares so much about the puppies at the pound. Question to ...... Sharmini ..why not adopt Madeline since you APPARENTLY 'care so much'. We say: When someone asks you to write something in support of them in the comments column - read at least a few postings please.

4.Lee, we are an advocacy group as well as a canine welfare organisation. We press for action and we know that handing roses will not do the job. If it did- the situation would not have arrived at this stage.

5. Anonymous you said: "Dr TR represent a dim light in a very dark and tortuous tunnel in our aim to develop animal welfare in Malaysia."
We says: Yeah right! ROTFLMAO.

6. RP, I know who you are.Remove your blinkers. WHen it comes fighting for animal rights - I am a passionate activist. You said:"PUBLIC FUNDS are collected by an organisation called Community Development and Integration Initiative (CCDI)to fund this Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better project."
You are right. It is stated in the blog. We use these funds to neuter strays, to rescue and nurture puppies pending adoption, to treat and rehabilitate disabled dogs and puppies, to treat puppies down with distemper, parvo and corona, to buy food and medicines for rescued puppies and dogs, to pay veterinary bills, to purchase food for our dogs, to pay rental and utilities for our half-way-home and many many more things which you have never done eventhough your organisation has collected 20 to 30 x more than us. And by the way, we used the collected money to purchase bowls, pails and a cage for the Klang pound as wel. And we use the same funds to purchase dog food for the Klang pound when the donated food finishes.We are transparent as we are audited every year. Got it?

And to all of you - have anyone of you ever rescued dogs from the many cruel local council pouns in selangor? Have anyone of you ever fed the dogs at the pound? Have anyone of you taken out a diseased puppy or dog from any of these pounds and made them well?


Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

BTW vet LEE - since the Pengarah is your friend - why didn't you speak to him before this and find ways to end the carnage and rampage? Since, you are going to speak to him - let's see how your soul to soul connection will work out.

Anonymous said...

To everyone, please do what we can to help the stray dogs. They are the ones who are voiceless. We need to remember the bigger picture, which is spay-neuter and not kill. Also I hope DVS and Dr TR can improve the conditions at the Klang dog pound ASAP. It is really heart-wrenching.

Anonymous said...

I agree. But also accept the fact that the DVS and other authorities will not do much to change things. As far as they are concerned these are just dogs. They are also probably thinking that animal activists are crazy people with too much time on their hands.

Janz said...

Shamini Popiko,

Dun u worry bout all those bad comments made on u... We wil still and always be wiz u and support u no matter wat as we knw wat u had done for the animals... U r the animals guarding angel...

Anonymous said...


You are right. No matter what is said we will still be by your side because i personnally know what MDDB has done, it's all for the betterment of dog welfare and they're definitely are not pointing fingers at Dr.TR, they're just merely stating a fact.

MDDB are not preachers, they act on it as well!!!

Anonymous said...

We support you because we have seen your work. Don't care what these one time visitors say. RP, I donate to MDDB without fail every month because I know my money is being put to good use.I don't believe you have donated even a sen to MDDB, so please leave this noble organisation and its founders alone.

Ms Lim

Anonymous said...

I am a MDDD supporter and what I appreciate most about this group is the adoption drive. I adopted a dog they rescued from a pound last year and they worked hard and spent a lot of money to cure the dog from sickness.They also spay the dog for me and I want to tell the people who criticise MDDB to shut up.


Lee said...

Yah, Sheng Mee, read all postings by MDDB before u make any comment in this section. Why not ask yourself if u have rescued any of these dogs at the pound? I know MDDB has, not once but many many times. MDDB will also give me green light (everytime I called them up)to rescue pup and bring them to their vet if i saw them on the street. What about u - what have u done????

oliver said...

Before anyone comment anything more on MDDB please do ask yourself,
1. how many of you have rescue dog or cat on the street.

2. how many of you have actually contribute fund for charity group like MDDB.

3. how many of you have contribute food to the dog pound at klang.

4. how many of you have become a fosterer for any rescue dog or cat.

It is easy to comment on others, but ask yourself what have you done first.

Do you have the right to comment others when you, yourself did not contribute anything at all.


Anonymous said...

Well said oliver.
I support u MDDB. I have personally seen how MDDB works. MDDB really cares for the animals and the peoples behind MBBD are selfless. You are the champion of dogs...kudos to u

Anonymous said...

I am also a supporter of MDDB and volunteer for them at their adoption drive. So many puppies found homes through MDDB. If MDDB did not rescue this puppies they may be all dead by now. So, the people who talk bad about MDDB, don't waste your time. Our support will always be with MDDB.