Thursday, January 21, 2010

Distemper and Parvo

This is Victor. He was rescued from the Setapak dog pound and came down with distemper. His condition was so bad that his eyes even became cloudy. We were advised to euthanize him but are glad we never listened to the advice given to us. Victor, who now lives Subang Jaya, survived the ordeal and has grown into a cool cool canine dude.
This is Patches and she too was rescued from the Setapak pound. patches too was infected with distemper but we did not give up on her. She currently lives in Subang Jaya and has a penchant for chapatis.
Patches during her distemper days.

Our friend Evelyn called us today telling us that there is a parvo outbreak which is affecting stray puppies. She said some pets were not spared as well and we reckon they must have been infected when taken out for walks. The next thing she said was very troubling - according to her vets were advising owners to euthanize their infected pets as 'it was difficult' to care for them. Taking care of a sick animal or person for that matter is not easy - but it is our moral obligation to stand-by our pets when they need us the most.
It is also a practice here to euthanize dogs down with distemper due to the fallacy that there was no cure. This is also not true because we have cured many dogs and puppies down with distemper. So folks, when your dog is down with parvo or distemper - do not listen to your vet and put them down. Care for them - contact us and we'll teach you how to do it.


Anonymous said...

god bless people like u guys.lucky patches.

Wendy said...

i just bring my dog to vet this morning. and it was diagnosed with distemper but it's tested still in "control". this dog is non-vaccine.

i'm afraid it will spread the disease to my other 2 pets(both vaccined).

please tell me what to do. as i don't wished to see the other two infected.

would like to hear the reply frm u soon.
u can contact me at