Friday, January 22, 2010

A nation's greatness and moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals. - M. K Gandhi

Would our authorities ever do this?

Dog bites its rescuer (We think a better headline would be - Firefighter risks life to save dog)

LOS ANGELES: A German shepherd hoisted to safety from the storm-swollen Los Angeles river Friday is fine, authorities said, but the firefighter who splashed down in the daring helicopter rescue was hospitalised after being bitten by the dog.

Los Angeles fire officials said 50-year-old Joe St. Georges, who suffered severe hand and arm injuries, was taken to County USC Medical Center.

“He has significant injuries, bites and punctures, to his hand and arm and is being seen by a specialist,” Los Angeles fire Capt Steve Ruda said. The 25-year department veteran was in good condition, Ruda said.

The dog, nicknamed Vernon after the Southern California town where he was found, did not have a name tag or computer chip, said Sgt. Charles Miller of the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority in Downey.

It was quarantined to be monitored for rabies, but “appears to be well-maintained and cared for,” Miller said.

At least 50 firefighters responded to reports that the dog was in the river. For an hour, firefighters stood at the top of the steep, concrete banks, throwing life vest and float rings, hoping the dog would grab on.

Most of the time, the canine walked along a pipe or ledge in the centre of the river, sometimes slipping. One firefighter got into the river and tried to catch him, but the dog took off. Soon the pipe was submerged.

When the helicopter hovered overhead, the dog scrambled to the side of the river and tried to climb the slippery sides, only to slip each time.

St. Georges finally splashed down from the helicopter, wrestled with the frightened canine and lifted it to safety, using the dog’s collar and a rope to hoist him up. Despite St. Georges’ injuries, he didn’t fail the dog.

At a late afternoon news conference, helicopter pilot Scott Bowman said St. Georges took a muzzle with him but he wasn’t able to get it on, “so he decided to go for the capture.”

Miller said the dog had some scrapes and worn nails, but was otherwise fine. “He was fearful when he first got here, understandably. He went through a big ordeal,” Miller said.

The dog will be quarantined for 10 days, unless the owner shows up with proof of rabies vaccination, Miller said. Then, the dog could be monitored at home. If the owner doesn’t show up, officials will try to find the dog a new home.

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