Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Klang MP Charles Santiago's visit to the Klang pound


As promised, Klang MP Charles Santiago visited a spruced-up Klang dog pound yesterday. However, he was also privy to the way the dogs were dragged into the pound by the dog catchers who had arrived with some new victims.
Mandy was not able to take many pics - but there is one which shows how dogs are treated at the pound. He also said one of the pups brought in had an injured jaws as a result of its jaw beiing looped instead of its neck.
Mr Santiago spoke to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better after the visit and said he would be organising a discussion between animal activists, lovers amd the local council people.
Let's just wait and see and meanwhile those who want your names included in the law suit against the local council - please write to malaysiandogsdeservebetter2@gmail.com.


Suresh said...

Hey guys, you've are doing some great work on helping these dogs against difficult oppositions, please do carry on knowing your story is being heard and people will come forward to help.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your help... Something needs to be done fast, sorry to say, before more dogs die cause this people will not let this go easily

Anonymous said...

i posted this link in my facebook,let more people aware of wat happen to the poor doggies.

Anonymous said...

By the way what happened to those puppies posted in the 3rd picture ... were they rescued or put to death already.

Mandy said...

Dear Anonymous,

When i went to the klang pound yesterday, I didn't see the mother dog to the pups anymore, so i reckon they have put the mother dog down. However, i saw another mother pup(i think they must've just caught her) in the cage given by MDDB with the remaining 3 pups you saw in the picture above with the mother dogs own 3 pups.