Sunday, January 24, 2010


We have been alerted that the DVS will be going to the Klang Pound tomorrow morning to put down some dogs. Surprisingly, we were also informed that they would be bringing food for the dogs that would be spared the syringe. Bringing food for the dogs is a good move but should have been done before all the demonstrations and pressure from the public.

Now on another matter, we also want to ensure that the dogs, that will be euthanised, are put down according to way stipulated in the DVS guidebook.

Meaning that they would first have to be administered with sedatives and only then euthanised. So, each dog that is put down will receive two injections - the first one to make it fall asleep and once the poor dog is asleep - the second jab to stop its heart.

Its now left to be seen if the DVS vets follow guidelines tomorrow.

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