Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thank you Anthony Thanasayan


I have been hiding for more than two and a half years trying not to reveal my real identity, shying away from the media as well as getting others to speak on my behalf on matters regarding animal cruelty and welfare.

Everything was so closely guarded and under wraps that not many knew it was I who founded Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better.

The reason was simple; I didn’t want to have that added advantage I may have if my contacts knew I was involved in MDDB.

So it was always one of my rescue partners who gave media statements, interviews as well as met sponsors and well-wishers.

But all that is in the past now and I have finally stepped out of the closet and identified myself with MDDB.

I feel free, I feel liberated and I am motivated to do more for animal welfare in this country.

And all this was made possible by one person who is none other than – Anthony Thanasayan of Petpositive.

Thank you Anthony for publicizing my name as well as announcing to all that I was behind MDDB.

The many times your ‘revelations’ appeared in Malaysiakini was an added advantage as many, including the press, broadcast and print alike, began calling me directly to speak with me.

Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated. Please feel free to make more such announcements and please include my phone number in future.

Thank you. Yipee!

Wani Muthiah


Founder, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) and the Malaysian Cats Care Project (MCCP).


Thomas said...

God bless you all for the work you and your team have done.

Anonymous said...

Does God bless a coward?

Anonymous said...

Anthony Thanasayan is nothing but but a glory seeking pathetic little scum. He forgot he was a STRAY until The Star gave him an opportunity to LIVE but I suppose you cannot blame him for being a conceited little human being. I agree with the fact that he has not done anything to save a stray and I also think as a writer he sucks but as a human being he sucks even more.