Thursday, September 15, 2011


Napoleon over his ordeal and wants to go about being a puppy.

ELECTRICAL appliances and decorative items would some of the things on sale at canine welfare outfit Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better’s (MDDB) fund raising project this Sunday.
The fund raising event will beheld simultaneously with MDDB’s monthly adoption drive from 11.30am to 7.30pm at Jaya One’s Block NB1, which faces Station 1 and Old Town White Coffee.

The adoption drive at the eventwill also feature about 25 puppies and dogs that are currently at MDDB’s half-way home.

Aptly titled MDDB Aid, the project is aimed at raising funds to pay MDDB’s veterinary bills, half-way home rental and workers salaries.

MDDB is a project initiated by non-governmental organization Community Development and Integration Initiative(CDII).
According to CDII director Firoza Burhanudeen, MDDB’s monthly expenses were escalating due to the large number of dogs that were being rescued.

“Many of the dogs that come to us initially have serious issues which require intensive veterinary care,’’ said Firoza.

She added MDDB’s most serious cases recently were that of a dog named Mimi Chitta which had its entire nose looped of by a machete wielding individual and a puppy named Napoleon that came with its entire back scalded by hot oil.
Firoza added both dogs were doing well and Mimi Chitta has been discharged from the veterinary clinic.

“We also have had several other surgical cases to pay for in addition to our usual neutering and vaccination of rescued animals,’’ she said.

She added MDDB needed to find ways to raise money as donations were no longer sufficient to manage the project.
“Given this we also hope that corporate sponsors will come forward to help us out as well,’’ said Firoza.

Besides second hand goods, the jumble sale will also have some news electrical appliances which have been donated by generous donors that include an electrical shop in Petaling Jaya.
MDDB is also in need of supplies such as dry and canned dog, puppy, cat and kitten food, shampoo, rice, bleach, washing soap, old towels and old newspaper. Those wishing to donate these items, as well as things for the MDDB Aid fund raising project, can drop them off at the event this Sunday. For details, visit or e-mail or call 012-205 2906, 019-357 6477 or 012-373 9007.

在即将来临的星期天MDDB筹款活动里,电器用具和装饰用品将会是其中被销售的物品之一。 项筹款活动将会与MDDB每月狗狗领养活动同时举行,时间将由上午11.30am到旁晚7.30pm,地点在JayaOnes Block NB1,Station 1Old Town White Coffee 这一次狗狗领养活动重点将会是25只在MDDB中途之家的幼狗和成年狗儿。 MDDB援助筹款活,这个计划目的在于为MDDB筹募款项以帮助支付兽医费用,狗狗中途之家的房租, 以及员工薪金。 MDDB是由Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII)发起。 跟据CDII执行董事FirozaBurhanudeen指出,MDDB的每月开支不断逐步上升,这全归于大量承救狗狗所致。 大多数被承救的狗儿都拥有严重的病症并且需要兽医们彻底的治疗,Firoza说。 她也MDDB近来最严重的个案是一只名为MimiChitta的狗狗遭人恶意砍掉鼻子与一只全身背后被热油烫伤名为Napoleon的小狗。 Firoza说这两只狗目前状况良好,Mimi Chitta经出院。 除了一般的阉割手术与注射疫苗我们也有不少需要动手术的个案需要支付。 MDDB须寻找不同的途径来筹款,因为一般的捐款已不足以继续维持这个计划。 由此我们迫切希望公司或团体赞助者能够涌跃的站出来协助我们,Firoza说。 除了二手货品,此杂物拍卖会也出售由打灵再也的电器商慷慨捐赠全新的电器。 MDDB也需要狗狗用具,如干粮,罐头食品,小狗和小猫粮食,洗发精,米,漂白剂, 肥皂,旧毛巾,和旧报纸。 任何有意捐赠以上物品或协助 ‘MDDB援助筹款活的人士,可以在这个星期天于以上地点转交给我们。 更多详情请游览 电邮 或致 012-205 2906, 019-357 6477 or 012-373 9007.

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