Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Napoleon is now a gangster

What is left of the scald burn
Hey, you let me out!
What took you so long to let me out?
Why am I back in?
Please let me out?

Napoleon has grown into a bully and is quite demanding. Its really entertaining to see him 'pressure' the the vets and their assistants to be let out of his cage. They have all pampered him and he now expects what he wants.
Anyway, he's grown and the wound has healed well. The wound is shrunk and will soon disappear.
Thanks to the excellent job done by the vets.
Luckily, Napoleon is a very happy puppy and his ordeal has not taken a serious toll on him. Hopefully, he'll find a good home soon. Thank you to all of those who have contributed towards his medical care. MDDB and Napoleon owes you all much gratitude.


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