Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another old dog found dumped in Klang

We received a call from someone a few days ago saying that there was a sick dog lying splayed near the Taman Chi Liung Public Bank. It was already past 10.00pm and we were in PJ when we received the call. We asked if the caller could either take the dog home and we'll pick it up the following day or send it to our half-way-home immediately. He refused to do both. We rushed to the spot and took the dog back to the half-way home and took him to our Klang panel clinic the following morning. He was immediately put on drips and the vet told us that he was a very very old dog and was in that condition due to starvation and dehydration. Since we already have an Uncle and an Auntie - we have named him Grandpa. Looks he was neglected and then dumped on the streets to die. ARSEHOLES!

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