Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why was Roman on the highway?

While we were on our way to Semenyih with the hope of confronting the retard that had looped off Citta's nose, Rena (who was driving) caught sight of a puppy along the highway leading to Semenyih. It was under a flyover and Rena reversed the car towards the puppy. Myers then jumped out of the car and cautiously befriended him so that he will not take fright and run into the heavy oncoming traffic. He managed to carry the puppy into the car and the markings as well as colour indicated that this fellow may be a cross between a Doberman and a Rottie. So, we named him Roman. So, what the heck was Roman doing under a flyover along a busy highway? He was very clean and did not smell like how a stray would normally smell, meaning that he probably had a good bath a day or two ago. And he knew how to sit in a car. Anyway, we took Roman to the scene of the confrontation and once we were done in Semenyih, Roman went of to stay with Myers. We had plans to neuter him before putting him up for adoption. However, this plan has to be temporarily shelved as the vet found Roman to be anemic due to severe worm infestation. Apparently he had several varieties of worms happily living in his gut. If any of you know who Roman is please call 019-3576477. Was Roman abandoned?

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