Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another weekend tragedy

We received a call from a young man in Subang Jaya late last night that he had spotted a dog with a severe maggot wound on its face. We told him to feed the dog for the night and bring it to us today. Accompanied by Christine, the young man and his mother brought the dog to our Klang panel vet and we were horrified to see maggots literally crawling out of the dog's face. We thought the well built male dog must have been injured in a fight but after the vet cleaned out the wound, he found it was a ruptured tumour that had fastered into four holes in the face. Further examination also revealed that the tumour had 'eaten' its way right through to the dog's top gum near the molar. He is obviously in pain and has been given pain killers and antibiotics and will be treated for a few days to determine if the tumour is benign or malignant. The dog's breathing was also raspy because of the ruptured tumour. We hope it is good news for this dog and if the tumour is benign there's nothing to worry as it would be just like treating a very large abscess. Please keep your fingers crossed for some good news. Was this fellow someone's dumped pet?

Through to the gum

Four holes on the face
Maggots had been crawling out from the four holes


marina anakcikbob said...

poor little guy..
i pray for u..

Anonymous said...

Am so sad when I see them suffer.....