Monday, July 18, 2011


The JAYA ONE adoption drive Sunday drew a big crowd and we are happy that about 13 puppies and dogs found new homes. However, someone again abandoned 5 puppies at our half-way-home but luckily this time around dumped them inside the compound instead of tying them to the gate. Given that two cats had also been adopted at the drive, we have decided to also have cats at all our future adoption drives. Something strange is also happening as several stray pregnant cats have 'checked' themselves into our half-way-home recently. So, we are now preparing for the arrival of a generous amount of kitties that will be in need of good homes soon. Find attached pics of the adoption drive. We would like to thank our team of dedicated volunteers who gave 110 % to make the drive a success. A big thank you to our previous adopters as well who had come to give us moral support and donations in cash and kind. TERIMA KASIH!


yenney92 said...

Great job! =D Hopefully the coming adoption drive in penang do have such good response too! =)

havetailwillwag said...

congratulations on all the succesful adoptions! keep up the good work! you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

when and where would the next adoption drive be held??