Friday, July 22, 2011

Another abused dog in Semenyih.

When Reco and Mikheala went to Semenyih to get Citta (whose nose had been sliced off by a scoundrel) they saw this dog tied up in the same area. Apparently this dog is kept tied there without shelter and just lies down starring blankly whether its blazing hot or pouring with rain. So, when we went there on Thursday, we spoke to the owner and asked her why she was so unkind to her poor dog. The lady said she had tied the dog there only for a few hours and usually kept it in her car porch. But all her neighbours refuted this and said the dog was kept tied there all the time. The family also seldom feeds the dog but fortunately the kind neighbours have been giving it food. When we confronted her, the woman said the dog was dumped on her by a woman who ran a sundry shop nearby. Little did she imagine that we would go to the sundry shop to confirm this. The sundry shop owner showed us a dog that is currently with her (the sundry shop owner) and said she had initially given the woman that dog but had taken it back because she had kept it tied-up outside the house. The shopkeeper also added that as soon as she had taken the dog back, the perpetrator had gone and gotten herself another dog (the one that's currently suffering). Throughout our conversation this witch had lied through her teeth. We want to take the dog away but need a temporary foster home for her. Can anyone help? Please call 019-3576477.

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Anonymous said...

can some one tell me where is this place?..ill go talk to the witch.. its ok.. im a wizard.