Saturday, July 30, 2011


This mother dog was brought to our panel clinic by Ashley to be treated for TVT today. According to our vet the TVT is quite bad as it had eaten-up almost the entire vulva. She has been given the first of a series of injections to arrest the infection. Each injection will be given within a gap of ten days and our vet says that she may need five or six injections. We also bought her a cage as she cannot be allowed to wander around once the injection was administered. Ashley, who had brought her for the jab, collected the cage from us and will be putting-it up in a temple where the dog will be kept confined until her treatment, vaccination and neutering is completed. This is our second serious TVT case. The first on was a male dog, that we named TVT Boy, which was found bleeding profusely from his penis almost three years ago. We treated him but his penis had to be amputated due to the extent of the infection and a tube had been inserted to allow him to urinate. He has since been adopted and we hear that he is the boss of all the dogs he lives with in Raub. We hope the damage to this lady would not be as extensive as TVT Boy’s.

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