Tuesday, July 26, 2011


At the clinic today

This poor little puppy rescued by Mr Chong in Kepong is currently under our care. It was brought to our panel clinic by Mr Chong today and we admitted the puppy. After examining the pup, our vet told us that about 40 % of its tissue is exposed and if left like that the puppy will probably die within a few days. The vet explained that in cases such as this death usually occurs due to infection which leads to blood poisoning. So, we agreed that some radical measures are taken and the pup will be operated on tomorrow whereby some of its exposed flesh and skin will be stitched up. Some kind of a skin graft will also be done but this will only close 10 % of the exposed skin and flesh. The puppy has a wonderful personality and it broke our hearts to see him in such a condition. Although he was bandaged-up he was wagging his tail and making friends with everyone at the clinic.What could have possibly happened or who could have done such a brutal thing to this poor pup. Please keep this poor puppy, whom we shall call Napoleon, in your thoughts and send him some positive energy. Luckily, Mr Chong cared enough to help, otherwise Napoleon would have literally rot to death.


Florence Khay said...

It breaks my heart to hear about Napoleon. I'm very glad that he's under the vet's care at the moment until he recovers.
I personally respect the guy, Chong who rescued this poor puppy from dying and decided to help the puppy.
Please update me about Napoleon!

This puppy has my prayer with him. ;)

Anonymous said...

Here Medicine Buddha Mantra for you doggie. Please recover soon. I kno you will.

"Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze?
Radza Samudgate’ Soha"

Marina Tham

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Dear MDDB admin,
I have managed to raise some funds for Napoleon and am in contact with Mr. Chong. Will reimburse Mr. Chong for the veterinary expenses he has already paid for (he shouldn't have to bear the financial burden of rescuing Napoleon on his own). As for the remaining vet bills, can I please contact any of you or should I just pay it directly to the vet?

Anonymous said...

I have personally visited the puppy and god bless puppy is recovering well. Vet and the nurses are treating him well like a baby. He is adorable and cute.!! He is no longer crying but walk here and there to find someone to play with him .. Thanks to Dr Vijay for saving his life and Mr Chong of course for never give up to this puppy! Mr Chong, you have a done job ..:)