Tuesday, July 26, 2011


More evidence is cropping up that Chitta's attack was prompted by the suspect who cannot tolerate dogs. Yesterday local council dog catchers went to the area and caught five of several dogs that were being fed by the residents there. These were the dogs that we had plans to TNRM as there were already people feeding and caring from them. These dogs were living behind Chitta's house and were probably her friends. We called up and the council people us that they had received a complaint from someone there and that they only go dog catching when there are complaints. With this sort of activities, how are we to implement TNRM? That was an ideal location as there were several people in the community feeding the dogs. We also fail to understand why it is difficult for people to give and take a little to co-exist with which are a part of our community. Basically it boils down to the fact that we are becoming an cruel society with little tolerance for the hapless. Given this the onus is on each and everyone of us to impart to the wicked the need for compassion towards men's best friend.

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marina anakcikbob said...

bring them to justice!