Friday, December 24, 2010


The directors of Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII), that had kindly launched the MDDB and MCCP projects for us, have sent us a directive to either disable or moderate the comments column. They have stated in a strongly worded letter that we are stupid to allow people to openly sabotage us. We have managed to convince them not to disable the comments and they have agreed provided that we moderate them. Given this and the fact that we depend on CDII to provide us a legal platform to do our rescue work - we have no other choice but to comply. However, we will set-up a separate blog where our critics as well as supporters can post open unmoderated comments as we believe in freedom of expression. That blog will be given another name and no mention of CDII will me made on it. Those who want to comment can also do so on our Facebook page. The Hatchet person has also taken on to impersonating us on the dialogue box and saying nasty things to people who have posted there. Their first victim is Littlelit who informed us of an accident victim. These morons, who have no compassion for animals, will try everything they can think off to sabotage us. It will not work. However, we urge you to call any one of the three numbers stated on the blog interface in the event there is an emergency.

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