Monday, December 27, 2010

Lost Dog

Brownie when she was adopted from us.

These are Brownie's latest pix.

Dear People,
This is brownie ans she ran away from the a veterinary clinic where she was boarding two days ago. Brownie was adopted from one of our adoption drives in Nov last year. Her humans are worried sick and have been going around the area looking for Brownie. They say she is timid and is afraid of thunder and lightining. Her predominant colours are brown, black and white with small patches of black and brown on her legs. Also had a bushy white tail. Those who spot Brownie please take her in and call 03-79802450 OR 017-8865607. If you spot her - PLEASE, PLEASE take her and call the numbers as she may wander off farther away. PLEASE HELP. Check out for location map.

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