Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We must certainly be doing it right

Here's looking at you Hatchet person.
Dear people,
a major attempt on a hatchet job against us is underway. Going by the desperation of the culprit/s, we deduce that we are seen as a big thorn on the sides of certain people. These pro-euthanasia individuals have said many incriminating things behind several ridiculous pseudonyms. Finally, when nothing worked to intimidate us, they posted the details of another group thinking that this will divert our donors. We urge those helping us to also help this group as they are also doing what we do - helping the strays. To the hatchet person, we have just this to say - YOU CANNOT STOP US FROM OUR RESCUE WORK AND EFFORTS TO ENFORCE TNRM. If you think you can tarnish our reputation and stop people helping us from helping the dogs and cats, you are wrong. We are here to stay and will continue to do what we do as well as continue to lambaste all attempts to derail our TNRM project. Shame on you, whoever you are! Why are you working so hard towards ensuring that the local councils continued catching dogs and putting them to sleep? If we are seen as a thorn on the sides of the local councils due to our expose of the Klang and Selayang pound fiasco through our blog - we are happy because this means we have done our jobs well. Other rescue groups have either disabled or moderated their comments section because of the same attack. But we will continue to allow you to unleash your venom in the name of freedom of expression. We also want to know if Hatchet person ie expecting us to cease operations because of the attacks? If this happens is Hatchet person expecting the dozens of dogs cats, puppies and kittens in our care to be dumped along with our TNRM project? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Finally, please accept this little Yuletide message from us Hatchet person.


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Anonymous said...

Wani you should really quit your job at The Star and dedicate your time fully to MDDB because you are doing such a good job! Good Work!


Vivian said...

Full respect to Mddb for not giving in to "The Axe Gang"!Your rescue work should be continued even with the interference from others!!!Although a concern of mine is that I do not think I will see Mddb working with any councils or ministries in future from the way it portrays itself to them and the non-supporting public in this blog. That aside, i will support Mddb all the way!As you said - We Must Certainly Be Doing It Right!!!

Cindy Heng said...

Keep up the good work MDDB!!!! Nice to hear you're doing okay! But I heard one of the first independent animal rescue groups around is having a really tough time this christmas as they are lacking in public donations as well. Pleeeeease everyone if possible help them too! Any spill over donations are very much needed! Thanks for your kindness, Merry christmas and God bless!!!!

Independent Pet Rescuers (IPR)
Contact: Sherrina Krishnan@0122026384

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the attempts and tactics used by certain people to close-up MDDB and divert its supporters as well.If the other groups need funds they should be able to raise it on their blogs. I think a lot of people are taking advantage of MDDB's generosity of keeping this comments section open. MDDB, i suggest to disable it.


Anonymous said...

Forget bout it Thomas, no need to be so worked up and bother. After all, its for the poor animals and it is the season for giving right?