Sunday, December 19, 2010


A friend emailed this to us and we think it warrants a response.

From "Can Pet Rescuers Take Dogs In If Local Councils Can't?" (Sunday, December 12, 2010):

Erin Yap said...
It amazing what some animal activists would do for attention!
MDDB: Yeah, you are right. We don’t believe in gaining attention on ourselves as well and that’s why we do not mention our names or post our photos. For us MDDB is all about only the animals we rescue and not about us.

Looking at the obvious, the Majlis Perbandaran Klang is reponsible for the catching and putting to sleep strays that are caught. This is a very common practice in numerous countries as well.
MDDB: We are against this. It is also becoming very common in many countries to implement the TNRM method instead of culling. We want to move towards that direction as there would be better efficacy in countering the growth of the stray population with TNRM.

What was so wrong about Mr. Anthony SB Thanasayan of Petpositive asking the DVS to continue giving euthanasia assistance to the council?
MDDB: Anthony does not work with strays nor is Petpositive a rescue group. They do not know the dynamics of the stray population nor do they have the passion that rescue groups and their members have towards the welfare of strays. We would rather the DVS is asked to help the councils implement the TNRM.

(Good job by the way!) What would be the alternative if he didn't? Inhumane euthanasia procedures by an inexperienced staff or OVERCROWDING!

And isn't overcrowding also an animal welfare issue? If I'm not mistaken, the writer of the the animal group's blog has also made statements in the past about overcrowding issues and even stated that they were happy that additional cages were sent to the MPK pound to prevent overcrowding?
MDDB: We also stated that the pounds were overcrowded because the councils are on a rampage. In Klang for instance, it has become a norm for them to go on a rampage after working hours to get overtime payments. The pounds are also overcrowded because pets are also forcibly removed and taken to the pounds.

So try as I may, I cannot fathom the logic of some animal activists.
MDDB: Just because we said we were glad there were extra cages does not mean we condone euthanasia. Please use some logical thinking.

The writing of that piece of utter rubbish in their blog seems to me like a ploy to garner support in their fundraising endeavours and to undermine the efforts of others.
MDDB: Show us where we have criticized independent rescue groups in our blog? We reiterate that Anthony Thanasayan and Petpositive have nothing to do with the rescue and management of strays and therefore have no business calling for the culling of the strays. Yes, we need funds and support but bear in mind that some of us in MDDB need to just put our faces and names in the posts to make to garner support and obtain financing for this project. This is because of who we are and the contacts we have. But we do not do that because we do not want to sidetrack the fact that MDDB is all about the strays and should not be turned into a platform which glorifies us.

The author of that blog even goes so far as to question if the DVS vet had handled the dog cruelly or roughly and had stated as a fact that they knew that the pound workers drag the dogs by the neck with their nooses and smash them around as if they themselves had witnessed the event.
MDDB: Yes, we have indeed witnessed it in the pound. We have them dragging and smashing dogs against the wall.

The question is, does anyone in that animal group have any experience in handling fierce behavioured strays?
MDDB: And you think we don’t? How do you think the stray accident victims react when we first rescue them?

Even the world-renowned dog behavior specialist, CESAR MILAN gets bitten once in a while.
MDDB: And you are saying that the vet and pound workers may have not brutalized the dog given your misplaced analogy?

This obviously proves beyond a reasonable doubt that animal group has no expertise whatsoever and does not have an inkling on the true stray related issues at hand!
MDDB: What proves beyond a reasonable doubt? You have not stated any supporting facts to back your ridiculous statement. We deal with strays and if that does not give us hands on experience – what does?

My suggestion for them, if they are really so concerned for the strays that are caught by the MPK is to write in to the council in order to make a fixed monthly commitment to adopt the strays there instead of so called rescuing strays on their own.
MDDB: Read our blog! We have taken from the MPK pound.

This will also save them and the MPK a lot of time and effort!
MDDB: This is the kind of argument that comes from those who have no inkling what rescue groups do and deal with.

Erin Yap - Klang


Anonymous said...

The statement by Erin Yap is another example of ignorant, inexperienced people who think they know everything about animal rescue and rehoming and want to teach others with more experience than them.
Sigh... the things that the real animal rescuers have to deal with... other than medical/vet costs, food, accommodation, rental, etc, they have to deal with these charlatan/politician wannabees who go around preaching nonsense like they are experts in rescuing stray dogs and cats. They cannot help the strays in any way except create obstacles and try to damage the reputation of the genuine animal rescuers.
I wonder where do such human creatures come from... hell?
But don't give up MDDB, you have one thing they do not have, MDDB has vast number of supporters out there, while these troublesome creatures are just a few in numbers. So carry on the good work and brush off these assholes like a dog shaking off the raindrops falling on it.

Anonymous said...

I really believe that Erin should be given the task of leading MDDB just for a month because she knows she can do a better job and we must give her that opportunity. What say you guys? Hey Erin, we would really like to see you posing with success in handling MDDB soon! we hope?

Anonymous said...

My opinion is instead of talking rots, why don't this Erin (whoever the heck she is) find something more useful to do, for instance, helping to eradicate strays. Or maybe, she doesn't want to see the end of strays. Hey, stop criticising people who are trying to solve problems created by others. If you can't or don't want to help, just shut up and be an ostrich (bury your head in the sand) so that you'll see not and hear not. This would make the world a happier place, especially if Erin and Anthony (assume he is the wheelchair guy) bury themselves in the sand. Wheelchair apparently hasn't taught some people a good lesson. Bad! Bad! Some need a really hard lesson.

Anonymous said...

Gila-Gila Wani, I see you are up to your moronic antics yet again. Only a blob like yourself would resort to spurting crap through that huge arsehole mouth of yours! You're so disgusting that even people in your own neighbourhood hate the sight of you! Strange?

Thank god the triple F doesn't have someone like you!

Anonymous said...

Wani and mddb must hate the disabled people from the way they hentam that wheelchair guy!

The irony is that the wheelchair guy did much more for the welfare of the animals than they did. His group is for the disabled people but he also help in animal issues on the side. He also never ask for donations from people for improving animal welfare. He only ask for donations for the disabled. I think he is an okay guy because he dont talk bullshit.

I think wani and mddb talk shit so that they can get more money to go on holiday and retire. Cheating peoples money also can go to hell what!


Anonymous said...

CK, he did not ask for donation on the welfare of animals because he did not even bother of rescueing them. but he did ask for donation on his rental. i read an article on expatlifestyle.
why is he asking for donation for his rental and not helping the animals. i respect all disabled ppl out there but not him
get a life please


Anonymous said...

Erin Yap, CK and Anonymous @ December 20, 2010 12:22 PM,why exactly do you have so much hate for people trying to help animals and prevent suffering? Are you really that evil of a human being that you enjoy reading or hearing about animals being tortured and killed, or starving to death? Or are you one of those stupid people that think that animals have no feelings simply because they are animals? What have you ever done to help any animals? Unless you are ready to your money where your mouth is, as many animal rescuers do, pls shut up and stay off the MDDB blog, with your evil poisonous words. Also, karma is a bitch, and I hope ppl like you get theirs. Soon.

Anonymous said...

well said Annie. these creatures who like to criticise MDDB and other animal rescue groups have an agenda to create as much damage as possible to the work of genuine stray animal rescuers. they do not have any genuine desire to help the stray animals nor do they wish to join any independent rescue group to help the strays. just a vicious agenda to create chaos and try to damage the reputation of various genuine animal rescue groups. these creatures really need psychiatric help. they are suffering from a psychotic disorder but they do not know it... their sense of perception and reasoning is totally warped and we can see that from the way they write. Hope their families and loved ones can send them for psychiatric treatment soon.... Student of Psychology

Anonymous said...

Annie.... I think a lot of people are against or hate MDDB and especially Wani because of they way they manage their organization and as many have mentioned, tabloid style reporting. Notice that nothing bad is mentioned anywhere about other rescue groups? Also, from reading MDDB's blogsite, I too, have come to realize that many of the questions asked by readers are left unanswered for some reason or another. This itself, probably has damaged MDDB's reputation by making it seem that the people behind MDDB are an ignorant bunch. Other rescue group's reputation may also have been damaged by MDDB's escapades.


Anonymous said...


what escapades? And how do they manage their organisation?

By the way, haven't the other rescue groups disabled their comments section?

Hope you'll answer these questions.

Riche said...

To Wani Muthiah and her group MDDB,

I personally think your so called warranted response has many loopholes and it was displayed as a defense mechanism to protect yourselves from showing your ignorance.

This started with your previous post, you critiqued Anthony, his group Petpositive and the DVS for the euthanasia of strays at the MPK pound. But weren't they trying to follow the 5 Freedom guidelines that as was officially endorsed by the SPCA themselves? Didn't also, the MDDB approve of this as well? Perhaps, this is what the author of the comment, Ms Erin Yap of Klang meant by her letter.

I totally agree with you when you said that Anthony and Petpositive were not a animal rescue group. After all, if they were, it would be quite a sight seeing the disabled on wheelchairs chasing after strays! But wait a minute, they actually do help rescue and rehome some strays as sometimes posted in their blog.

What about saying that Petpositive is not a stray management or animal welfare group? Then I wonder what were they doing in Ipoh with the other animal welfare groups that was trying to stop dog shooting there? Despite their disability, they were able to take the time to travel and lobby for better animal welfare practices. Amazing wouldn't you admit?

Reading their blog, I understand that they are an organization for the disabled. Yet they find the time to lobby for animal welfare as well. That itself is an achievement that cannot be denied.

There was also a silly comment by a Nicole, in regards to the rental that Petpositive is asking for helping strays. Logically, when you put one and one together, I think they are asking for rental donations for their group Petpositive as MDDB is asking for rental donations for theirs. That's quite fair right?

Reading through many of MDDB posts and comments, it has proven and made very clear that MDDB and this Wani Muthiah are like empty barrels without true substance that resort to senseless ravings to get what they want.

True rescue or welfare groups should try to work with the councils instead of behaving like raving lunatics. One good example would be the Save A Stray, headed by that lady Jacqueline Tsang.


Anonymous said...

A strange fact that I would like to raise. I know that the SPCA Selangor is a Non Profit Organization as in the case of Petpositive and some others. Donations by the public and corporate entities would be in the end, tax deductible.

So I find it peculiar that MDDB is not a Non Profit Organization from your company registration number although they try to operate as one. Why is that so? Wouldn't there be an issue with accountability since MDDB is a donation based organization?

Cynthia Loo

Anonymous said...

A funny comment by Anonymous Dec 20, 3.39am.

What say you that MDDB also handle the public complaints department in Majlis Klang to see how they handle it for a week! And while there're at it, why not let them take over the MPK dog catching operations as well! It would be so cool to see MDDB people and Wani Muthiah running aroud Klang chasing after stray dogs.

And since Wani is also a tabloid style reporter, I'm sure the news headlines would read: "Extra Large Man-like Indian Woman Attacked By Vicious Stray Alien Dogs During MDDB Dog Catching Spree For Majlis Klang!!!"

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.23am you forgot to add "MDDB Founder Begs the Public to Donate more Essence of Chicken to aid in Recovery!"

And "Cynthia Loo"? Don't be so naive! If MDDB is a non profit, how can Wani flick some donations for her personal use? So damn obvious what!


Anonymous said...

Don't you call Wani Muthiah an empty barrel Riche! Does she look empty to you? You should call her a FULL BARREL instead... FULL OF SHIT!

Yoda said...

Reading the letter by Erin Yap from Klang and the comment by Riche, I think both of them has raised some interesting points which I myself can see nothing wrong in their statements based on their comments and these interesting articles and comments below......

One interesting article:

"YB Hannah Yeoh championed the strays rights to humane treatment as outlined by the DVS Guidelines on Stray Dog Catching and Euthanasia (May 2008) and urged the Assembly to check on the profile of highlighted dog-catchers that frequently employ cruel methods to catch the dogs. DVS Guidelines state that the animals' welfare must be given priority at all times and the 5 Freedoms must be taken on account (Freedom from hunger and thirst, Freedom from discomfort (from the environment), Freedom from pain, injury and disease, Freedom to express normal behavior, Freedom from fear and distress)

The guidelines also highlighted that trained, compassionate and knowledgeable personnel be employed and that only vets can euthanize the strays in a humane manner.

Currently untrained personnel destroy the strays very likely in an inhumane manner. It also stated that kennel sizes be adequate and proper records be kept."

One more for the road.......

"The Department of Veterinary Services' guidelines strictly stipulate that dogs have to be given food and water and ensured a clean environment pending euthanasia. Given that the Veterinary Services Department is a federal body and the local councils are the lowest rung of the administrative system – the local councils have to adhere to what has been stipulated by the DVS in regard to the catching and management of strays."

Can anyone guess who is the author of the paragraph above? You guessed it! It's none other than Sharmini Popiko Sasha herself!

Now Sharmini aka Wani Muthiah and MDDB is singing a different tune by posting a story titled "Did the DVS Vet Handle the Dog Cruelly?". Not to go to much into it but based on the comments by MDDB supporters and non supporters alike, one would realize why Erin Yap from Klang made the statement that MDDB was using, one might say, underhanded means in garnering funds, support and to gain popularity.

The comments "Riche" was also logical when he mentioned that the DVS, MPK and Petpositive was trying to adhere to the 5 Freedoms as condoned by the SPCA which incidently was also part of the Guidelines on Stray Dog Catching and Euthanasia (May 2008).

Also when MDDB said "Show us where we have criticized independent rescue groups in our blog?" and if one might recall a previous statement "we are friends with all rescue groups". I myself have come across many nasty comments by Wani and MDDB supporters on the web to suggest otherwise.

In conclusion, one can say that Wani Muthiah and MDDB are indeed a confused and ignorant lot for prefers to criticize and create stories laced with fiction and lies for their own personal gain!

Anonymous said...

"The Department of Veterinary Services' guidelines strictly stipulate that dogs have to be given food and water and ensured a clean environment pending euthanasia. Given that the Veterinary Services Department is a federal body and the local councils are the lowest rung of the administrative system – the local councils have to adhere to what has been stipulated by the DVS in regard to the catching and management of strays."

Can anyone guess who is the author of the paragraph above? You guessed it! It's none other than Sharmini Popiko Sasha herself!

Now Sharmini aka Wani Muthiah and MDDB is singing a different tune by posting a story titled "Did the DVS Vet Handle the Dog Cruelly?".

In reference to YODA's comments above, I fail to see the connection between MDDB's post that local councils should adhere to DVS guidelines with MDDB's question if the DVS vet had been cruel to the dog at the MPK pound.

About five continuous post by the same person! Amazing!


Anonymous said...

Very true Yoda! Thanasayan was only making sure that the dvs guidelines are followed by the mpk! Nothing wrong with that right? Why must they cucuk dvs, pet+ and mpk? Why must they try to create trouble and confuse people then? For attentionlah! That guy is in a wheelchair but still he can find his jalan to make sure things are done right!

Wani and MDDB only do what? Other than we are sad...we are disturbed...we are heartsick...we are too fat....what else do they do? They so concerned they should leave the stray dogs on the road and rescue the dogs at the pound instead b4 they are put to sleep! The dogs on the road still got chance to survive! I think MDDB and Wani should eat their own chicken shit because they are so penipu!


Anonymous said...

Wani/Alicia, kebodohanmu tiada tolok banding kalau u tak faham komen Yoda! Kenapa juga u nak sembunyi belakang nama Alicia? Otak punya nut dah hilang? Lagipun org yg pos komen yg kondem awak tak semestinya sama org rite? I pun dapat dengar banyak org benci u kerana u ni penipu besar!


Anonymous said...

Wow, so much hate on this blog comments section for MDDB and Wani. If only all you people actually spent the time you had wasted here, sprouting venom and accusations, on helping stray animals, maybe all of you could have managed to save a life or two. While you are all here, talking rubbish, MDDB is trying to rescue strays and put them up for adoption.

If you people feel so strongly about MDDB and that they are doing things the wrong way,(in particular, Riche, Yoda and Din) pls go start your own animal rescue organization and do things the right way. Once you have started your organization and have started rescuing animals, pls let me know, I will spread the word that there is a new animal rescue organization in town and ppl can get your help.

Until then, if you are not donating money to MDDB, then stop accusing them of things you have no idea about and SHUT THE HELL UP!!.


Anonymous said...

Dear Wani,

I really dont understand why you deserve such humiliating remarks when all you are trying to do is help the poor animals. It really baffles me when you are accused of personal gains and attention and I sometimes wonder what is annoying these people so much that they throw such hurting remarks. Is it because you are vocal. But how can you stand up for certain rights if you are not vocal?

I dont know about the others but I know for a fact that it is not an easy task to do what you are doing but keep up the good work!

Always remember, whilst 100 people will alwaz try to break you, there will be another 100 people who will back you up. And be clear in your heart, mind and soul that you are doing it sincerely and no one can take that away from you ever. Anyway Wani, in the human race speaking, when or where have you heard that one being will support another's success?? Isnt that why animals are a superior race to people like us!!!!

By the way Din, I am Vicky and I am not Wani's immitation so dont go around making false accusations.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vicky,

thank you for your kind words. These people are monsters who would do anything to ensure that reacue groups stop doing what they do. One of the reason is that dog catching for the councils is a lucrative business whereby RM35 is paid for every dog caught. In the event local councils concede to trying out TNRM, some people would be out of business. A few months ago it was brought to our attention that the CAT committee had introduced a so-called expert in stray management to give a talk to several local councils. We called him only to find out that he was in the dog catching business amd knew ways to catch dogs with little hassle to be put to sleep. He had also confessed to us that he was the one who had given the proposal for the modern pound project in Sepang. This project was announced in the media by a state executive councillor who is assumed as being close to a CAT committee person who is a proponent of euthnasia. The so-called canine expert also told us that he was a businessman and the proposal was a business venture. Thankfully, it didn't go through! It is a big business venture in capturing strays to be put to sleep. We are seen as throwing a spanner into this. At times I do feel slighted by all the hurtful things said to me but it also makes me more determined to see MDDB through as well as ensure that it will continue to exist as long as the animals need us around. It is simple, they cannot find fault with anything we do and so these losers have resorted to hurling the meanest of insults at me. It doesn't matter - MDDB has a goal and I will eensure that we achieve it. thanks again Vicky for being there for us.