Monday, November 8, 2010

Its heartbreaking.

We wrote about this dog here .
Today her owner called us after someone had alerted her about seeing this dog's photo in our blog. The poor dog's name was BeBe and apparently she had wandered out of the compound because the gate was no properly latched when her owner's sister had gone to the nearby shops BeBe had followed the lady but must have wandered away to unfammiliar grounds. The family had looked for her for over two weeks - little knowing that she was being treated in a nearby clinic. BeBe died suddenly and the vet says it must have been due to serious internal injuries. However, we believe BeBe would have fought hard to live if she had been reunited in time with her people. She must have pined for them and that's why she gave up. We are heartbroken after speaking to BeBe's owner - if only their paths had crossed earlier. Dear people - please be careful when you are getting in and out of your home if you have a dog. Please ensure that you gate is properly latched. Please also make sure that your dog gets to go out only if it is on a leash.


Anonymous said...

MDDB must have adviced someone to steal or dognap DeDe from their owners and posted this story to cover their tracks. Maybe they even dognapped DeDe themselves as they have previously admitted!

The owner should make a police report against MDDB instead!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Nice one.


Mei said...

Looks like the Troll has wandered out from under its bridge again.

Can I still feel good about myself if I went through the "proper channels" (where almost NOTHING ever comes out from it in this country), wait IF they'll respond, which by then the poor animal is dead, then shrug and tell myself "I did what I could, good job well done!" ?

So Troll, how many lives have YOU saved? Wait, don't bother responding. You'll say "tons", and this IS the internet after all. You've nothing to back your claims unlike MDDB, and even if you do (big "if" there, haha), you'd be too chicken to reveal your identity.

Keep up whatever you're doing MDDB. Sometimes the end does justify the means, and I'm glad there are people who won't refrain from saving a life when the life in question is in obvious danger.

As for DeDe and family, I'm so sorry the unfortunate happened to them. May the family at least find some comfort in knowing DeDe was in good hands before she passed on. Many years ago I had lost a dog in a similar incident, but till this day I never knew what happened to her, despite months of searching. I never got a closure, but I can only hope someone was kind enough to take her in.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mei the Ogre,

Dept Of Veterinary Services Bans All Dog-Shooting In Malaysia!

This group Petpositive through persistance AND by using proper channels, HAVE successfully pushed for the official banning of dog shooting in Malaysia which is a major step to improve current animal welfare practices. A great achievement for them and a pie in the face for MDDB!

What has MDDB done other than blowing hot air, even if MDDB has lots of that! MDDB's empty claims and false accusations will never earn the trust of the people! And please don't try to make yourselves FEEL BETTER by saving strays today when many of you were or are still such irresponsible people.

Chicken?! So what is your real name Mei, Karmen or SPS? Pot calling kettle black! Looks like MDDB is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites trying to scam innocent donors for personal gain!


Oh yes, before I forget, prepare for a major police report against MDDB for stealing and conspiring to steal. Thanks for the proof!

Anonymous said...

We now know who the troll is eh "June"? We are going to steal more dogs and a police report will help publicise the matter.

"A great achievement for Petpositive and a pie in the face for MDDB?"

I fell off my chair laughing! Petpositive, get the local councils to TNRM - that would be a double achievement. In addition MDDB does not see this as a competition - we are happy that Petpositive's efforts has prevented more dogs from being shot. You see, for us its not personal egos and one upmanship like its for you Jaaba - for us its all about the dogs.


Mei said...

Oh. My. God. You're seriously from Petspositive? If you truly are, then I am lost for words. No, not because I'm impressed. It's out of sheer DISGUST.

My real name is Mei, don't know what the heck you're on about. I only vaguely know there's some kind of dispute between MDDB and Petspositive over god knows what, but I never wanted to judge or get involved since I don't know the details, and what mattered to me then was both were doing good for the strays. Looks like I can't stay neutral anymore. With such disgusting, egoistic words you spewed: "A great achievement for them and a pie in the face for MDDB!" it's very clear to me who I'm really going to support now. I want to have nothing to do with an organisation who sees rescuing dogs as a chest-thumping competition. I now wonder who's doing it to feel "good".

So MDDB makes empty claims by..... doing their dog adoption drives, rescuing strays, nursing sick dogs, finding them homes, etc. Basically doing their very best with what resources and help they can get. Yup, very empty.

Well everyone, you heard the Troll, we shouldn't attempt to rescue any strays because people are irresponsible! Apparently it is a God given right for the Troll to dictate who should and who shouldn't, even when every bit can make a difference. It's like saying we shouldn't give physiotherapy to the disabled since they're probably never gonna walk again. No, I don't endorse such mentality, but apparently YOU do.

Anyway, do you have ANY thorough proof DeDe was dognapped? It's very intelligent of you to base it merely on a previous incident. Sure, they admitted to do it again, but the question now is: have they done it TO DeDe? Which other dogs did they SPECIFICALLY want to dognap? I doubt the previous dog had a license. So in the eyes of the law, it belonged to NO ONE, and certainly NOT to the previous heartless owner. Good luck with that police report.

And do give us hard evidence that MDDB is a scammer. And I mean REAL. HARD. EVIDENCE. Not a grandmother story that you heard from so-and-so. Hey, I'll even kiss your ass and retract all I said if you can provide it. I'm being earnest here since you'll be doing a favour for all the innocent donors. If you can't back up your claims, then we know what you're made of.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah we all know ass kissing is one of MDDB's forté but you don't have to mention it here!

Qui moi, from Petpositive? You would wish that wouldn't you? I did notice that everytime MDDB receives comments from anyone that doesn't agree with them, they always assume its that guy from Petpositive, which they call Arsie. Believe me, lots of people hate MDDB, even the EX-MDDB members! By the way, do you hear many bad comments about the SPCA in Selangor?

Interesting also, that you bungholes mentioned that a dog with no license means its ownerless in the eyes of the law. Do you fuckheads actually know what you're talking about in the first place? What a bunch of idiotic, hypocritical asswipes!

Hard evidence you say? Joke of the year! Tell you what, just ask Wani Muthiah if she returned the cash and stuff she took! Surprise!

For the sake of the running joke: July

Anonymous said...

My name is Karen and I am a volunteer nurse at an orphanage every weekend. A few weeks ago, I decided to take a break from my volunteer work and bring my mother and daughter to Summit for some shopping and lunch. While we were there, my seven year old saw your booth and asked me to get her a pet.

After some consideration, I decided that the idea was a good one. So after lunch we went to take a look at the puppies there. While I was looking at the puppies, my 71 year old mother suddenly told me to look for pet elsewhere. Puzzled, I asked her why? But before I could get an answer, I heard a rather large Indian woman with glasses spewing vulgarities at someone. I believe she was a volunteer there. Because this happened, I hurried my mother and daughter away. In the end, we bought a maltese from a pet store instead.

Since then, I have been reading up on your stories and the comments from your readers, past and present, to find out more about your organization. I have also, of late, been browsing several animal groups in Malaysia to help me understand about their causes as well.

All I can say is, while your intentions may be good, MDDB, the people you choose as volunteers or your frontline does, in the end, reflect on your true character.

Karen Liew

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Alex and I am a regular volunteer with MDDB since they started their adoption drive early last year. I am a chartered accountant by profession and met the the MDDB people through the accounting firm I work for. CDII which is the NGO behind MDDB is our client and I decided to volunteer because they are perhaps the only independant rescue group that operates from a registered body in the Klang Valley. Those making the allegations are not aware that the directors of CDII, who are all well-placed professionals, are the ones accountable for funds that go into the CDII's account.So Anon 5.07 ALLEGATIONS against Wani is baseless. Wani is gainfully employed and doesn't need this crap from the likes of you. My biggest fear is that she'll decide to end it all and spend her free time doing something else instead of doing what she does now. That would be a tragedy. The only problem with MDDB is that they do not blow their trumpet and publish here about all the good things they do such as providing food, medicines and cages to stray feeders on a regular basis. Did you know that? As for allegations that MDDB's ex-members are complaining, its a malicious and vindictive lie. MDDB has no members because it is a project under CDII and not an association. Those familiar with the group will know that MDDB has a static group of volunters. The same group of 11 volunteers have been with MDDB since the begining.
As for you "Karen Liew", i don't know what your grouse is? I was there from 11.00am to 7.00pm and did not witness the incident that you allege. The large Indian woman you are talking about was inside the complex negotiating a sponsorship deal with multinational company most of the time on that day. It is also a coincidence that you have come-up now.
All these wild allegations only show how stupid some people are, keep this up and I fear that CDII will just shut the MDDB programme down. If this happens, a major platform for rescuing, rehoming and treating sick strays will come to a tragic end. If this is what some of you want, its sad that you are so vindictive that the welfare of the dogs do not matter. Shame on you all!

Anonymous said...

Hey June,

In PUTRAJAYA, the Veterinary Services Department expressed concern and frustration over the killing of the dog. Department director-general Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin said the use of firearms continued even after a national seminar in May 2008 and guidelines on the capture of stray animals were issued to all municipal council officers, NGOs and state veterinary officers.

Dr Abdul Aziz said the department had stopped using firearms in 2008 as a means to control strays as it was found to be inhumane.

The move was made in 2008 and not after persuasion by Petnegative as claimed by you.

Anonymous said...

Karen Liew, you are not very bright are you? How do you define a person's true character, is it by deed or by words they utter? Answer this first you dimwit.

Mei said...

ROFL!! Are you trolls serious??
Case in point. The trolls cannot even give one ounce of concrete evidence in all their empty allegations. As usual, it's all full of vague generalities rather than particulars. Let me just quote you back what you said: "MDDB's empty claims and false accusations will never earn the trust of the people!" Perhaps you've mistaken MDDB for someone else familliar, like... yourself? *snigger* Pot calling the kettle black and all that (ooh a familliar quote! Where did I hear that from?), you just shot yourself in the crotch.

No specifics, dates, details, nothing. I can't imagine how ANY police report you make will be taken seriously. When the cops ask for specific details, you're gonna retort to them "Joke of the year! Just believe my report!!" right? ROFL!
But woe. There goes your chance in helping the innocent clueless donors.

It's funny how I never once mentioned or accused Petpositive in my first post. Only expressed my shock after the Troll, for some odd reason, mentioned Petspositive and ONLY about Petpositive, and made it personal by adding the "pie in the face". So it dawned upon me this popular Malay proverb: Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas la.

You start shit, you better be able to back your shit up, or you'll just end up being a plain ol' shit-stirrer. It's simple. And look, shit-for-brains wants to challenge MDDB from a legal standpoint about the dognap, so of course I'm standing in the same vein, that is if a dog has no license, it is legally declared ownerless. Wanna cherry-pick some more?

If all Petpositive can brag about is their only "banning dog-shooting" achievement, while throwing scorn at MDDB for getting hands-on in dealing with the abused/homeless dogs of the here and now, it just goes to show how low Petspositive can stoop to. Again this isn't a question of who's doing better or what. It's just apparent that you don't want to let independent dog rescuers handle things their way, when their priorities had always been the strays, and this has nothing to do with you in the first place. Is this what you're proud of? Barging into other people's home, spewing venom?

Go, go make your empty police report. Go report about DeDe's dognap (the DeDe accusation is serious. Can you back what you accused? It's just a chance for you to improve your non-existant credibility, yes?), the previous dog's dognap, and please include your report in the utmost details of how Wani Muthiah "squandered" the donation money. Aiyah, again, that's why I say you fail so much, only succeed in being conveniently vague.

I'm so done with you chicken assclowns. I won't bother to respond further as it's clear you've lost all credibility. FFS, you're doing all the accusings but can't even back a single claim! So feel free to act like a winner with your last say, IF you even have anything substantial to add for once. It's a good thing the internet immortalizes idiocy like yours. Makes for good laugh and reference.

So thanks for the laugh! Say "hi" and "bye" to your "August til December" troll siblings for me :D

Anonymous said...

Alex, I see that it was a waste of my time and I am sorry for even trying to understand about your group. I was merely trying help by letting you know about the incident. In fact, there is actually no need for me to to justify my claim about the vulgarities. Just read the many entries as posted by MDDB in the past.


Anonymous said...

Karen, why are you so shallow? You started off your first post by saying you are a volunteer nurse? What has it got to do your allegations? Furthermore, are you saying that those who use swear words are bad people who can't do any good? The sweet tongued ones are usually the hypocrites and selfish people. I think you are one, as otherwise you would not have gone and bought a puppy when so many strays are in need of homes. You would rather spend hundreds simply because you are a judgemental hypocrite who used your silly prejudice to deprive one puppy from getting a home. Shame on you and may you rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Wow! MDDB start nonsense again! Sooo kayulah!Karen, never mind these peoplelah. Anybody who give no good comments with them they will surely kena bombard so don't waste timelah. They call you hypocrite and selfish when you buy a dog from the pet shop instead of adopting from them. In that case, they should also hentam all their supporter who buy from petshop rite? This one also can call hypocrite and selfish what! Damn 2 head people correct? They also say sweet tongue people also hypocrite and selfish. Anyhow, this blog always so damn entertaininglah like klown show! Astro also lose!

Anonymous said...

U people who come in here to start problems, damn no shame! this post was about Dede's sad fate and her owner, but u idiots must be so itchy to bring up stupid acusations that make no sense! and then canot even prove them! like going to someones funeral, u didnt pay respect, but just run your stinking mouth about unproven nonsense! U thinking u look good doing that?? U do that in real life to? so rude and shameless!!! your mother never teach any manners or u never had one??

Dont like MDDB then leave la! no one force u to come here! is it bcoz u happy when u become a wicked hantu here? even the chat box can kena sabo! I hope karma will come visit the idiot troublemakers with a bigger hantu in their life!

a dog lover said...

Thanks Alex for the details. Truly appreciate what u have done (voluntary work at the adoptive drives).
Agreed. Ppl who don't like MDDB shouldn't come here & make jokes here.
And ppl..pls try to adopt strays & don't just go for pedigrees in pet shops. Strays not only are better guard dogs, they are smarter & tougher & excellent companions. Trust me as i personally picked up a few from streets & now they are so lovable!

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents on 'pedigree dogs' in petshops. The pups often come from puppy mills. Karen, pls go youtube puppymills and see for yourself why adopting is preferred. I once met a dog whose vocal cords was removed just so she could breed over and over again. When her cycle was up, she was surrended to the pounds.

If buying a pedigree pup from a sweet talking salesperson at the petshop overides these adoption drives, then by all means, let it be. How very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am one of DeDe's owners. I am sad that ppl have used this post to argue about non-relevant issues (especially the very first post about her being dognapped, wth?) DeDe was a sweet-natured dog and a very nice dog.

Do bring your arguments elsewhere and let us remember DeDe well.