Sunday, November 7, 2010

Molly The German Shepherd

Remember Molly the German Shepherd?
She has been adopted by a kind lady and has been given a second chance in life. Here's a mail sent to us by Molly's new human mum:

"Attached are the latest pictures we have taken of Molly since we brought her home. The vet has shaved off most of her fur to treat her skin infections, which also makes the emaciation very apparent.

I'm happy to report that she has been eating extremely well and her tail is wagging a lot more than when we first saw her at her previous home. She is such a lovable dog, and my family and I adore her to bits. We can't wait to see her back on her feet, because there is a lot of life in this dog."

Thank you Agnes and family for giving Molly a home. Her previous owners have also agreed to pay for all of Molly's treatment. That's is good as it shows that they have accepted the responsibility of helping Molly get back on her feet again. They are leaving the country in Feb and I hope that all of Molly's medical needs will be completed by then. Molly's plight is also reflective of what happens to many other unwanted pets. Luckily, her former owners had sought a new home for her instead of just dumping her on the streets. Have a good life Molly.

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A dog lover said...

Really happy for Molly! thank u the new owner!