Sunday, November 7, 2010

MILKY KIAI The Cool Doggie Dude

This is Milky Kiai and he is a cool doggie dude who lives in Ara Damansara. Milky leads a very busy life and one of his favourite activities is digging-up his garden. He also has his own Facebook account!/milkykiai where he has posted some very fashionable black and white pics. Milky leads a happy life but was at death's door earlier this year. You see Milky is one of the 23 puppies rescued for us from the Selayang Pound by Animalcare. He is one of the lucky few that survived as most out of the 23 died due to various infections contracted from the filthy pound. When he was first rescued he was known as Snappy White because he was in such a foul mood. Can't blame him as he was brutally grabbed and chucked into the pound and not given much to eat and drink. However, his demeanour changed for the better and he was renamed Senior White. He was adopted a few months ago and has since been renamed Milky Kiai. Its happy endings like this that keeps us going. Here are some pics which chronicles his life.


Melissa K said...

What a wonderful happy ending, he looks so happy and handsome now! Thank you MDDB & Animal Care for the tireless work you do rescuing these strays :)

A dog lover said...

Bravo! well done MDDB! yes it's happy endings like this that keep us going!

mummy-who-cooks said...

Look at that 'handsome-young-Dog'...! - Well done MDDB.