Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Victor The Hero

This is Victor and he is a hero. Victor was rescued from the Setapak pound and he was frightened little pup when we got him. To add on to his suffering, Victor was infected with the distemper virus soon after his rescue and had gone through hell. The infection was so bad that it had even clouded his eyes. We were told by the vets attending to him that they were contemplating putting him down. But Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better adheres to a no kill policy and we wouldn't hear of it. Thanks to Dr Edmund Yeoh, who took-up Victor's treatment, the plucky puppy managed to fight the disease. We would also like to thank a couple of our friends who administered some homeopathy treatment as well. Victor is a happy and strong boy today because they had given their best to heal him. Victor currently needs a home and we also welcome anyone willing to sponsor Victor until he is adopted.

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