Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember Rottie?

Rottie just before he was rescued off the streets.
We wrote about Rottie several weeks ago after we were alerted of his plight by a kind Samaritan. He was apparently constantly abused by some people from the neighborhood where he lived. Rottie has since been rescued and is now being treated for heartworms at the clinic. He has already been neutered and we are looking for adopters or sponsors for Rottie. Here’s a narration of what had happened:

“I was born in such a malicious way. My father, A Rottweiler went wondering on the roads not accompanied by his owner and met my mother. From the rumors I heard, the owners of my father watched happily while my father copulated with my mother who was a stray.
Months later I was born. Unfortunately, my mother was viciously dragged away from me by the spiteful dogcatchers. I managed to run and hide myself in some bushes, where I felt my little heart break into pieces, as I silently watched them drag my mother away. Her eyes locked with mine momentarily. I feared for her as I coiled myself together and cried silently because I know, I’ll never feel those playful bites and the love of my mother again.
How long could I just stay there in the shrubs all alone and hungry? I started wondering around. I walked for days, looking for food. I started digging up food from garbage bins and did not realise that I angered people by doing this. I only wish that they understood that I didn’t do it on purpose – I did it because I was hungry.
One day a wicked man caught me and broke my front left paw. I watched him injure me, wondering what I did wrong. I howled in pain, I begged him to stop but it was too late. My bone could be seen, I couldn’t feel my paws anymore.
I cried wondering what I did wrong. For months I suffered in pain. It’s been almost 6 months now since I injured my leg. I walk with a slight hobble. I wonder why people abuse and hurt me. They hit me because I seek shelter under their cars. I wonder why I can’t have a decent home? All I need is a roof over my head and some food. Am I asking for too much? I’ll offer you more than you can imagine. I’ll protect your house. I’ll make sure no one gets in without your permission. I won’t make much noise. And I assure you that I’ll be your faithful companion. Just give me a home, that’s all I ask for…. …all I need is a chance…and a home…”

Rottie front limb which was snapped by the cruel man.

Rottie at the clinic - neutered and being treated.
Anyone, interested in adopting or sponsoring Rottie can call 019-3576477.


Janz said...

Poor Rottie... My heart feel pain wen i read bout Rottie... How could those ppl be so cruel to tis innocent dog? More and more cases of cruelty n abuse on animals esp dogs... How can we stop all these nonsense?

jason86 said...
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Anonymous said...

goodness..rottie looks so so much better!

li said...

how to sponsor this poor little guy? I am sorry I may not stay in M'sia for a long time so I m not able to adopt him...

hope I can go to see this brave little guy.