Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Patches, the grateful lass

When we rescued Patches from the pound - she lay her head on the lap of her rescuer throughout the car ride to the veterinary clinic. We could clearly see that she was grateful to be given another chance to live. At the clinic, she made it a point to walk around and lick the hand of everyone who was instrumental in rescuing her. Soon after, she was down with parvo and once she recovered - she was hit with distemper. Just as expected, she fought with all her might to live on and Patches is today healthy and ready to be adopted. She may not be much of a looker to many but rest assured that Patches is beautiful inside and will make anyone adopting her love her with all their hearts. In return, we guarantee you that Patches will forever be grateful and will show her gratitude with unconditional love and loyalty.

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