Thursday, April 9, 2009



This is Ali.
We named him after the Muhammad Ali,( the one who used to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, Remember?) because we thought he was a Boxer X. However, we were told by someone who knows dogs well that he's a cross between a Bull Mastiff and a Rottweiler. Just like all the other dogs that we rescue, Ali too has a sad story. His owners had put him up for boarding at a pet shop and abandoned him there about six months ago. The address and phone number they provided were fake and the pet shop people were saddled with Ali whom they did not want at all. Luckily, they were kind enough to hold on to him until they found someone who would take him. When one of our volunteers went to the pet shop, she found Ali to be very frightened with his tail between his legs. He was removed from there and brought to Klang where he has been vaccinated pending neutering. He is currently being fostered and when he was let loose, the first thing Ali did was to romp around and get dirty. We are happy to see that he is no longer afraid and wags his tail while he continues his romp. Please help us help Ali.


Janz said...

y was Ali afraid? Is he been abused or badly treated at the pet shop? Thks a millions guys....

SushiQueen said...

Why is his owners so irresponsible?!
I think Ali missed his owners very much and was afraid being alone in an alien environment.

Renegade said...

Ali looks a little small to be a Bullmastiff/Rottie mix but that could be because of the angle the pictures are taken in.

we were told by someone who knows dogs well that he's a cross between a Bull Mastiff and a RottweilerNo matter how well that person 'knows dogs', it isn't a fact that he's a cross between those two breeds.

Any updates on Ali? I have a soft spot for bullie look-a-likes.