Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We are currently in the process of expanding our TNRM programme and this time around we are neutering dogs that are fed by Rawang residents Umairah and her husband Kapt Anuar Musa. Both of them and another friend brought two females to one of our panel clinics for neutering today. We have told them to start off with the females and hope to complete the batch of 40 within the next five to six months. The ears of the neutered dogs will also be notched to indicate that they have been TNRMed. It is crucial to neuter both strays and pets because it is the only way to counter the stray population. As a rescue group, we know how difficult it is to rehome dogs after they have passed the six-month mark. Please support us in our efforts by participating in the exercise to neuter and care for strays in your neighbourhood. Those interested in sponsoring the neutering of strays can also do so by contacting us.

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