Friday, March 16, 2012

LUCKY who was not so Lucky

A young lady called us more than a week ago saying that there were three puppies and their mother at the car park of her condo. One of the three puppies was unable to move as it appeared to have suffered a back injury and bruises to its back legs. She also told us that whenever the resideents fed them, the two healthy puppies would bring food over to be shared with their injured sibling. Leslie went to the location and got the puppies - one was adopted last week and another will be put up for adoption this weekend. The injured puppy has been admitted to our panel clinic and the vet says he would probably have to be there for a few months. We have named him Lucky and estimate that we would need about RM4,000 to cover his treatment, vaccinations, castration and boarding for an estimated period of three months. We believe that Lucky must have been either hit on his back with a blunt object or hit by a vehicle. We are still trying to get the mother to be TNRMed. We would be grateful for sponsorship towards Lucky's veterinary cost.

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