Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sg Chua market in Kajang

Sharon Tan has been having sleepless nights after someone alerted her about the strays at the Sg Chua market in Kajang. She lives in Bangsar but has been going o Kajang almost daily to feed the dogs and to rescue those in need of help. Apparently, it is a dumping ground where the irresponsible come to dump their unwanted dogs and puppies. She had actually found a box with several puppies that had apparently been dumped there just moments before her arrival there during one of her trips. Sharon has since rescued many puppies and a mother and her litter. We have assured her some sponsorship as well as to help her get her rescued puppies adopted. Given that the market has many strays - we have suggested to Sharon that she implements the TNRM exercise there through us there. She has spoken to stallholders who are feeding the dogs and we will be dialoguing with the Kajang Municipal council on our TNRM plan at the market. We believe this is the way forward as the time is nearing whereby rescue groups are going to find themselves in a fix due to the lack of adopters. Under such circumstances - the best option would be to stop puppies from being born at all cost. So friends spay neuter all your pets as well as all the dogs you have rescued prior to rehoming them. This bis the only way. Those who want to initiate TNRM in your neighbourhoods or other areas - please contact us.

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