Friday, March 16, 2012

Pregnant and injured

Employees of the animal quarantine center in Port Klang regularly call us when there are strays in need of help. The latest rescue was this pregnant dog that they have been feeding for a while. According to one of them, they found the dog injured and unable to move when they had come to work on Monday last week. They found the dog in a drain and believe had been sitting there unable to move and without food and water throughout the weekend. She was also very frightened and they think she must have been whacked on the back by some people in the area. It was difficult getting her into the car and subsequently into the clinic due to her fearful state. The vet had to muzzle her because she was aggressive when she saw the male clinic assistants. The worst part is that we cannot do much because of her pregnancy and according to the vet - there are many many puppies in her belly. She is admitted at the clinic and is being monitored to see if any of the puppies may have died inside. This is a very sad turn of events whereby there are people willing to even go to the extent of battering a pregnant dog. Just when we thought we had settled our back injury cases - Lucky and this lady, whom we have named Jenny, have come to us. Jenny is also going to be a long haul as the treatment will only start after she has given birth and lactated for a reasonable period of time. Please help us help Jenny.

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