Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Chitta Mimi Chronicles


When we received a call this morning informing us that Chitta and broken free and was running wild in SS17 Subang Jaya, we were at our wits end.
Apparently she had broken free from her leash when the vet had taken her for her routine morning walk.
We know for a fact that being Sunday, the traffic in that area would be very heavy and worried that the worst could happen to Chitta.
Luckily for us the clinic had also called Dr Chan Kah Yein from Animalcare who immediately rushed over to look for Chitta.
Koo joined her shortly after and together with Christine as well as the clinic's vet and another vet from PJ, Dr Chan and the rescue group went on the hunt again.
But Chitta proved to be elusive - so everyone decided to leave her alone for a bit and left some food for her outside the clinic hoping that she would return when hunger pangs set in.
But we were not able to imagine the possibility of Chitta having to spend even a night straying given the tubes that were hanging from the nose.
So we decided to bring Cheetah's doggie mummy and her owner down to SS 17 to lure Chitta out. Reco and Mikheala went all the way to Semenyih to get the dog and owner as well as owner's daughter whilst Myers, Collin and Marina joined the search party. We think Catherine was also there for a while.
The minute Chitta's mother and human family arrived, Chitta was secured within minutes. All Chitta's human sister Mei Chee had to do was to call out to the dog and apparently Chitta was called Mimi by them.
Since our SS17 panel vet were already closed, we took Chitta and her mother for boarding at our PJ panel clinic and they will both be transferred to SS 17 first thing tomorrow morning.
Thank you Dr Chan for being there for us and beautifully chronicling Chitta Mimi's misadventure today. A big thank you also to our Christine, Koo, Myers, Mikheala, Reco and Collin.
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BridgetLai said...

Phew....this Sunday was full of drama for many of us and thank God She was caught before nightfall. Well done to all you wonderful people.