Sunday, March 20, 2011


We are happy to update our readers about Lester who is now happily living with Datin Jeniffer Khoo and her family. Lester became a stray after his adopters abandoned him near the Petaling Jaya Old Town market. Luckily, he had Ah Moi, who manned a stall there, feeding him. He had been on the streets several years when some jerk poured hot oil all over him. Lester was missing for about two days but went in search of Ah Moi after that. We heard about him and took Lester under our care and did the necessary. May people had told us that we should put Lester to sleep because of the gravity of his injuries. We refused because we staunchly abide by our no-kill policy. We were also encouraged to go all out to help Lester becuase he had a strong will to survive. We have been duly rewarded for that as Lester is leading a happy life now.


Princess Jennifer said...

Another story that makes me smile today. However I am angry with his past owner, why would someone adopt a dog but unable to give him any commitment? They aren't toys but have life instead.
I remember once I rescued a Pekingese on a street and my aunt desperately told me how much she wants it. I gave her in hope she will gives him a home, however she complains that the Pekingese (was still a puppy back then) barking too much as she put him outside the house and always beat him. And sometimes even starve him so that he will 'behaves better.' When I know about this from my uncle (who's unable to stop my aunt from doing so) I immediately took the dog home although I've already 2 dogs at home (also adopted from owners who don't want them anymore). Later my mum told me some of her friends want the dog too but I say thank, but no thanks. One time of this dog being suffer is enough and what's more he suffered twice (abandoned once by first owner and now beaten everyday by second owner). I cannot let him suffer anymore.

Now he is the naughtiest baby in my house, sleeps with me every night and he behaves very well. How I wish people will have more patience towards these dogs as they are just like kids. I will rather these people do not adopt any dog if they cannot promise any lifetime commitment to them.

RL said...

welldone MDDB and a big THANK YOU to datin.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy...I had a shitty day.
Guess what? You saved my day, and ended it on a super sweet note. THANK YOU & BLESS YOU!!!

A dog lover said...

What more can i say? THANK U MDDB & Datin!!
Reading this really make my day!!