Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please help us help him.

A lady who has been feeding this dog near the PJ Old Town market for over five years called one of our volunteers last week, desperately asking her if we could help treat its scald wounds.
Apparently, someone had splashed boiling oil on the poor dog which was in great deal of pain. Its scald wounds was also infected by the time our volunteer managed to catch it and take it to the vet.
The lady also told us that she knew the family which had abandoned the dog that many years ago.
Our volunteer has admitted the dog at at a veterinary clinic in Petaling Jaya and we would be transferring it to one of our panel clinics as soon as the third degree burns are healed.
That may take months. It will also take months before this dog's wounds are completely healed and it is going to cost us the money that we do not have.
So please people help us help this poor dog - we urgently need to raise money for its treatment and our next payment to the clinic is already due.

Cheques in favour of:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd (654290-T)

and mail it to:

c/o No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C, Bukit Jelutong, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Or bank into:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd

Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708.

Details: 019-3576477, 012-3739007, 017-2081844


Anonymous said...

That's absolutely horrible. Good thing we have people like you rescuers out there. Speedy recovery to the dog!

havetailwillwag said...

oh my god the poor dog. what is wrong with bloody humans nowadays? how can someone do that to another living creature? this is the kind of thing that breaks my heart and makes me angry and hate people. i hope horrible things happen to the person who did this to this dog. may he or she suffer the same fate and be left to die.

can i put this post on my blog? i want other people to see it too..

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

Sure havetailwillwag, you can put it in your blog.


Anonymous said...

Going to donate some money to this dog . Stay strong dog!

SC Lim

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, just euthanize that poor dog. Months of sufferings and public money wasting.

Anna said...

I think this poor dog should be euthanized. Prolonging his suffering for a few months (if he heals!) is unnecessarily cruel. He will not understand why this is happening. Even if he heals, what chances does he have of being adopted into a good home, and to also trust his new family? Sometimes, we must do the right thing, even though its not easy. Its easier to spend money and try to save this dogs life (so if he dies, it is Gods' will) than to take the responsibility to ease and end his suffering.

I think your vet should strongly advise you to put this dog to sleep. Why treat him while he is suffering so badly? It seems wrong. I thought one of the vets duties is to ease suffering.

Anna said...

Also, instead of spending all the effort into prolonging this poor dogs suffering, why not take action against the person who did this to him?

I know its easier said than done, but if you could successfully charge him, even with a token fine of a few hundred ringgit, the fact that action is being taken will be a further deterrent for people like this and could prevent more dogs from this very same fate. Otherwise all NGO's can do is a stopgap and rescue the few lucky animals while other animals continue to be abused because there is nothing to draw the line.

Nick Chhan said...

Please euthanize the dog and punish the animal that did this to him

Anonymous said...

I absolutely do not agree in euthanizing the dog as long as he has a chance to recover. There are incidents where humans suffer 90% burnt on their body but they still live, do we encourage the doctor to euthanize them? No, right? So, why should we treat the animal differently? Y can't we give him a 2nd chance?

SPCA Seberang Perai said...

We have posted about this poor dog in our facebook appealing for public donations to help sponsor for his medical treatment. Hope that more people will come forward to help this poor dog. Keep up the good work! =)

Brad Farless said...

I'm going to agree that the poor dog should be euthanized. Even if he were to heal I doubt he'd ever be able to form a good bond with a new family. That's assuming anyone would adopt him into their home.

Instead, raise funds to prosecute that bastard that did this to him.

Anna said...

People who don't want to euthanize the dog should consider if they themselves
1) are willing/able to fork out a few hundred dollars at least to sponsor PART of his medical bills
2) are willing to devote the time to his care (2-3 hrs at least from the looks of it)
3)Would adopt him when he recovers?

Dont just think of 'second chances for the dog' but also his quality of life IF he recovers.

Also, you cant compare to a person with burns as a person gets the best hospital care, a LOT of pain control drugs inc morphine ... this dog isnt going to get those. He's just going to have to tough it out ... is it worth it?

Anna said...

Anyway thats only our point of view, in the end its the person who has and cares for the dog who has to make the choice

Anonymous said...

stupid people how could you do that?? that's a dog, a human's best friend, fucker!!

poppy said...

stupid people how could you do that?? that's a dog, a human's best friend, fucker!!

Anonymous said...

he should be given a chance to live... this is malaysia, its not like we are living in australia or other overseas contries. ppl get away with abusing animals in malaysia , the govt dont even care , how u want this guys to take action on that bastard.

♥JuYi♥ said...

this is very sad.. =(

Mellissa said...

If we do not euthanize humans, we shouldn't euthanize animals. If it were your family members, would you be thinking euthanize him/her cos I don't have the time or money to care for him/her, would you? Who are we to decide who lives or who dies?

I don't mean to be rude, but a year ago I rescued a cat who was horribly abused and I refused to put her down cos I felt it wasn't my right to do so. Her injuries were so extensive that the vets were shocked she pulled through and recovered. That's why I'm going to say no to euthanizing this animal.

Animals are stronger than we give them credit for, so please give him a chance to live.

Lee said...

Dear Anna & others who requested Lester be put to sleep..... please take a look at how happy and grateful Lester is now ... smiling and wagging its tail.... who are we to decide whether he show live or die??? We are not GOD - so let's not play GOD. MDDB I will make donations towards Lester.

Anonymous said...

I guess our Anna should open her BIG eyes now and see for herself the latest updates on Lester.

Anonymous said...

good decision made for not euthanizing the dog. Lester has recovered so much! (so happened i was at the same vet when i visit my pet)he is also a very friendly dog, always 'smiling' look and wagging his tail

Anna said...

Sometimes its nice to be proven wrong. To see an animal pull through from horrific injuries refreshes ones faith in the small miracles of life. I hope that Lester manages to find a good home, because after everything he has gone through, he deserves that much.

To those who are fully against euthanasia, I respect your beliefs. Everyone has a right to an opinion, as well as the right to try to sway another to their point of view in a polite, reasonable manner.

Anonymous said...

I can see where Anna is coming from.

To Mellissa, well there are some things you don't do. Humans eat with chairs and forks and spoons. Do you teach your pet to do that too?

What I'm saying is, some analogies just don't fit. Sometimes it's better to just let them slip away peacefully. Not ALL of these dogs heal up perfectly and end up in great homes. Check out the shelter for instance. Full of healthy dogs and guess what, they are still full.

But yes, like Anna said, it's good to be proven wrong sometimes and it's great to see him recover quickly. ^^

Manmohanjit Singh said...

How much is it going to cost? For everything?

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

Today I came to know about Lester through a friend, who is desperately looking for someone to help adopt of foster Lester. I am willing to take Lester in but found out there is some complications!

It's been more than 2 months since Lester has been admitted to the vet. Lester has been LEFT at the vet and no payment has been paid to the vet.Lester is well and is ready to leave. Can someone explain what happened to the donations if any has been collected for Lester in the name of Malaysiandogsdeservebetter?

Malaysiandogsdeservebetter, I am requesting for the right thing to be done for Lester, for him to have a better life. I am much appreciative of all the work you do here at this site. Let's go the extra mile and have a happy ending for Lester.

susan lim

JK said...

I have also been heard about Lester from the vet that he is currently at. Apparently, whenever the vet asks the people who brought him in (from Malaysiandogsdeservebetter) he is always met with answers like "I don't know" "we'll pay tomorrow" and vets have not received any payment so far.

Also, no one has really gone in even take the dog for a walk, see his condition on a regular basis or try to rehome him. He has been in a confined cage at the vet for 2 months now and he is under a lot of stress and duress.

Can anyone give an update about Lester? Or if any efforts have been made to find him a home or even a temporary fosterer?

Anonymous said...

Is that really true? That he was rescued and just left at the vet? And the vet hasn't been paid? It's very kind that he was rescued (I can't believe those pictures! Who could do something like that!) but let's try and make the rescue go all the way...just because he's off the streets doesn't mean mistreatment of him is over. Leaving the dog in a cage for such a long period of time is also neglect.


Anonymous said...

This is distressing. Have re-written this many times, but never turns out quite right...

Just...sort it out - now.


acadiechick said...

Hello, I have heard of poor Lester´s situation and indeed like others on this board, I am very concerned about his well-being. Can anyone at malaysiandogsdeservebetter give us an update please? Is he still at the vet? Has there been any developments to find him a foster home?

For any organisation, it´s important to be transparent about your activities in order to retain any credibility with your donors and supporters.


Anonymous said...

Dear all

Just to update, Lester has recovered and has a home now. He is doing very well and his fur has started to grow back! He is such a happy little fella and has brought much joy to all around.

thank you

Adelyn said...

Thank god Lester was saved by MDDB and not Anna, otherwise he will be euthanized and in doggie heaven now. We are human being, not God, so don't act God, ok? I hope she would be ashamed of herself for supporting euthanization.