Sunday, March 20, 2011

Words simply cannot describe our feelings whenever we follow-up on the development of Cinderella renamed Faith who has been adopted by Kalpana. Cinderella was spotted by Dr Chan Kah Yein of Animalcare when she rescued almost 40 dogs from the dastardly Klang Pound. However, she couldn't take Cinderella because the poor girl had a serious facial injury. But Cinderella wanted to to be rescued. We heard about her and decided to take her. Dr Chan immediately went to the pound and got Cinderella out. We warded her at one of our panel vets where she was given treatment and subsequently adopted by Kalpana. Its happy endings such this that keeps us going.


Princess Jennifer said...

I am happy to say that Cinderella's story brightens my day! MDDB, you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you MDDB and thank you to the kind family who took Faith. It is people like you guys, who prove that hope exist in this darn world we live in.