Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Maya. miserable and in pain on the day of her rescue.
Maya now - pretty, happy and sometimes action.
Maya in one of her action moods.
This is Maya and she was among our first batch of dogs and puppies rescued from the DBKL pound in 2008. Maya was seriously injured as the dogcatchers are believed to have looped her right front limb and pulled - resulting in severe nerve damage. She was miserable with the useless limb slowing her down considerably. We then decided to amputate Maya's useless limb and she cheered=up considerably after that. May who is since been adopted by Ruth Hammond is now a happy and gregarious young dog......sometimes a little action also. We are happy that's its worked out so well for Maya who was rescued ferom the pound in time before she was put down.


Princess Jennifer said...

Thanks Ruth Hammond for giving maya a second chance of living~!

cwy said...

I salute Mr.Ruth Hammond for adopting Maya and give her a wonderful warm home.