Thursday, November 17, 2011


1) Independent Pet Rescuers' Sherrina Krishnan called today asking if we could help a mother and five puppies that were rescued by Roselin last Sunday. Apparently the family had tested positive for Parvovirus and the clinic they were in could not keep them much longer. We do have a quarantine room for parvo patients but given that our HWH is bursting at its seams, we did not risk placing the puppies there. So we asked for the family to be brought to our panel vet in Klang where they were tested again. But this time the test was negative for parvovirus but the smell of the feces was certainly the parvovirus stench. Since we did not want to bring them to the HWH, the doggie family was sent to one of our paying fosterers. Sherrina provided the funds to pay the fosterer whilst we bought food for them and will be paying for all the veterinary costs as the the eventual spaying of the mother. One little fellow had a couple of maggot wounds on him whilst another fellow had a wound near his neck. But it was not serious. The mother was so malnourished that she had little or no milk at all. So, we bought a big bag of Science Plan for puppies for the entire family. Lactating mothers should also be fed with puppy food.
2) MDDB member Irene collected several puppies from a Malay family in Cheras last week. Apparently a mother dog had brought the puppies one by one and left them outside the house. But she never returned after that. They took the puppies in and cared for them and called Irene asking for help. Out of the three puppies one was a runt which was quite weak whilst the other two were very robust. We have taken in the robust puppies whilst Irene will care for the weak one. The two puppies were sent to the HWH to make way for a disabled puppy which lost the use of its hind legs after an adult dog bit it. Several members of our team, which includes Irene, are good with disabled dogs and they have worked wonders with our disabled Patrick, Mr Gwing and brain-damaged Precious. All three live with them.


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