Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saturday morning tragedy

As we were rushing to complete our daily chores at the HWH before going to Gasing for Justice's surgery on Sat, we stumbled upon a very sad sight on the way to the market to purchase our daily ration of meat and liver.

We saw two puppies with maggot wounds in a small padang on the way to the market.

We aborted our plan and rushed the puppies to our Klang panel clinic.

Our vet told us that the wounds looked about a week old and the maggots had eaten their way really deep inside the puppy with the neck wound.

The other puppy was not that bad and the we reckoned he had been able to lick the wound which was on his side. As the vet fished out the maggots and cleaned-up the deep wound, the puppy gave out painful cries that would break any heart.

We were also told that the puppy had probably been starving for over a week as it would not have been able to look around for food given the female puppy was also running a very high temperature.

We immediately rushed off to buy Brands Essence of Chicken and the puppy was put on drips and fed essence and prescription food.

It opened its eyes for a while and we left it there at the clinic where the puppy to be fed essence every two hours. That afternoon the vet called to say that the puppy had died.

This is what we have to put-up with on a regular basis - pitiful suffering and eventual death in spite of us doing whatever possible to save a life.

The puppy's groans still remain clear in our minds. We are also asking ourselves how the puppies had ended at the padang? Were they dumped there?

According to the vet, the puppies must have been bitten by adult dogs that come to the padang which is also a feeding station serviced by a dog feeder in Klang.

The lady told us that she had not seen the puppies whenever she is there to do her feeding every night.

We believe the puppies must have gone into hiding every time the big dogs were around after they had been bitten.

How can we educate people not to dump unwanted puppies? How do we drive home the message that they would not have needed to dump if they had only spayed their dogs?

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