Tuesday, November 29, 2011


First he says this is a humane method. When the going gets hot he says otherwise? So which is which?
OPINION WANTED. This was a dog catching 'training exercise' between MBPJ and MPK. Dogs were caught to be brought to be euthanised. The picture you see is deemed as 'a humane way' of catching dogs. Do you all think what you see in the picture is humane? Please share - you response will be feedback for us. This 'training' escapade was organised by Petaling Jaya councilor Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan who is well known as a euthanasia proponent. He has written some hogwash trying to discredit us and at the same time posting this picture which instead of supporting his ramble only implicates him further. To make matters worse some 'rescuers' are also in support of his ramble simply because they dislike us and in the process are discrediting themselves as well. As far as we are concerned, rescuers must hold firm to the anti-euthanasia stand and propagate TNRM instead. We want you opinion - do you think what you see in the pix is a humane method of catching dogs? In order to twist out of his first post - he writes another one to squirm out of his folly. We know how dog catchers get the dogs and the method shown in the picture is certainly not it. If this was not the right way, then why is everyone standing still and just watching? as usual he is pandering to and supporting the local council because his survival depends on them. And he alleges that Kuning is dead when in actual fact he is well and alive in FFF. Dogs are smart - and a true dog lover will know the level of their intelligence - what Thanasayan has written here indicates that he does not know dogs as well as he claims.


And since he has mentioned Dr Xavier Jayakumar yet again - we have a message for the good doctor.

Where is your follow-up to the meeting organised by Hannah Yeoh? She did her part - did you do yours? Or were you busy pandering to your lackey Anthony Thanasayan's whims and fancies?


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shaun said...

huh...i dont thing its a humane way..

Being Humane said...

dog pounds must be burnt, dog catchers must be whipped and irresponsible dog owners who dump puppies and inhumane people who complaint that dogs are defecating in front of their houses when they are defecating inside their houses themselves and those who propogate dog catching and killing should be tied up on leash for 24 hours outside their house with a tub of water and fed once a day and made to shit where they sit instead. There! That feels better!

Humphrey Fipper said...

Dogs aren't humans, so being "humane" is irrelevant actually. Being kind to non-predatory animals is fine, but dogs hunt in packs and have killer instincts. They spread rabies and must be captured in whatever way does not harm the people.
Maybe the dog catcher in this story is being rough, but dogs are pure muscle that can deliver bites up to 400lbs/psi.

I agree with your view but what about the right to life of the Humans in that area? Could you imagine having a dead child because of a dog attack? The right to life for the humans does outweigh that of the dogs. That's my balanced view.

Can I ask you: Are you all vegetarians? If not,how do you rationalize the fact that your meat-eating diet isn't hypocrisy? How can you kill millions of cows, chickens,lambs, and pigs each year in the slaughterhouses, but claim to want "humane" treatment for dogs.
Would it be better if the dog-catchers ate the dogs afterwards?

Come and see the other side of the argument.