Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why haven't the local councils changed their ways?

LOCAL councils are the biggest dog abusers in the country. We have said this over and over and over again. We have conceptualized and executed exposes, jumped over fencing and taken photographs, confronted the Selangor state government as well as written to the Federal Government to put an end to abuse of dogs by local councils in Selangor.

Yet, nothing much has happened since and this is because of the interference of Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan with the help of Selangor executive councilor Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan even had the audacity of bringing into the picture a glorified dogcatcher who acquired the tricks of the trade from Australia.

According to him this individual would teach the council dog catchers humane methods of dog catching. We called the man in question and he confessed that he was in animal control and was introduced to certain people in the state to whom he had given the drafted plan of a centralised dog pound in Sepang.

Luckily the soil was not suitable for the project and the entire plan was temporarily flushed down the toilet.

This story is also in one of the links.

Anthony also refuted our expose and said that our pictures were doctored even though the local councils literally admitted to the cruelty.

And of course who would forget Anthony's words of praise for the cruel men, they call dog catchers, who have no qualms about looping a dog's neck as swinging it around before chucking the poor animal into the truck.

He said they were noble people doing their noble job for the greater good of the people. He also professed that he had wheeled himself to Klang and taught the dog catchers to humanely catch dogs.

He said they were no longer using wires.

Barely a week later the dog catchers threatened a Cambodian maid taking her employer's dogs for a walk and looped their necks with wire.

The residents blocked their path and called us - we caught them red-handed with several pets in the van which also had several dozens of wire loops.

As usual he made untrue statements and derailed our efforts - these stories can also be found in the links.

But we gave the toughest fight ever and the dog catchers were suspended for a week.

But Anthony still went all out to protect them and this was further evidence when we exposed the Selayang Pound.

The same pattern ensued with him going in and calling us liars even though we had ample photographs which were dated accordingly as well as first hand witness accounts.

Why was he doing this?

According to several councilors, that he had spoken and tried to convince to support him - Anthony had said that since he (and they) were Pakatan Rakyat, it was their responsibility to protect the Pakatan Rakyat government by buffering any possible scandals.

That the poor dogs were tortured and made to starve to death was of no significance to this charlatan.

For him 'protecting' the Pakatan Rakyat government - which will ensure him an extension as councilor with the support of Dr Xavier was far more important.

He thinks he has a place to hide behind Dr Xavier - we hope Dr Xavier knows that he has to distance himself from Anthony's designs given that the general election is around the corner.

Dog rescuers and lovers are after all voters.

If any change were to take place re local council and dog catching - it has to start in Selangor as the state has the biggest number of local councils.

Out of the 12, many do not have pounds but hold the dogs in the lorries until they are euthanised or drop dead from thirst or hunger.

To make maters worse - some of the councils hire private companies and this arrangement has evolved into a big business.

Last year it was revealed in the Selangor Legislative assembly seating that the Sepang Municipal Council had contracted two companies to catch dogs in the municipality.

The figures given were also baffling - apparently the contractors managed to catch 20,000 dogs a month - meaning that the contractors caught and average of 667 dogs a days. Just imagine the kind of money they had made with a rate between RM25 to RM40 per dog.

And the Sepang Municipal canine bounty hunters bring to mind what had happened to Turbo Vong -

If they can do this to pets - imagine they way they treat the poor strays.

So, people continue to fight the good fight against the dastardly local council but remember that you are fighting this fight which could have been settled long ago if not for one crooked selfish individual who has been collectively booted out of the picture by mainstream rescue groups and shelters.

As far as MDDB is concerned - we are distressed whenever we hear about local council brutality against dogs. But as usual we have a plan - a plan which we will soon execute. Please read our links.



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Good one MDDB. It baffles me why animal issues cab be politicise :-( Sigh.