Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dog at the clinic
No sensation in one hind leg
Stuck in the culvert
On the day of her rescue

About two weeks ago we received a call from a lady in Damansara that an injured dog was lying by the side of the kerb. Our volunteers rushed to the scene and found the dog unable to move and they think she must have been hit by either a car or a motorbike. She was also partially stuck in the opening at the edge of the culvert. They managed to get her out and rushed her to Mayo Clinic in Subang Jaya. An X-ray was taken and it showed injuries to two parts of her back bone. She has some sensation in one of her hind legs and has no sensation in the other hind leg. Both her front limbs are ok. She is still in Mayo Clinic and we are waiting for Dr. Susanna Brida-Hofherr to return from overseas on Friday, July 2. Dr Brida-Hofherr is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and may be able to help the dog. We are also hoping the dog will lose some weight as this will help her recover better. Please help us help this poor girl with her treatment.

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