Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Thambiyah children with Heroine.
Heroine taking a quick nap before going to her new home.
We received a frantic call from our friend Fatimah Zainal last Wed that there was a little puppy playing around the guardhouse of her housing estate in Puchong. She was worried the puppy would be run over by residents' cars. We told her to pick the puppy up and send it to one of our panel clinics and Fatimah did this Thursday afternoon. We picked her up the same evening and groomed her before taking her to our adoption booth at the PET WORLD 2010 Exhibition the following day. Lucky heroine was almost immediately adopted by the Thambiyah family at the exhibition. Heroine now lives in a nice bungalow in Petaling Jaya with another puppy. Thank you Fatimah for helping to remove Heroine of the streets. The Thambiyah family could well afford to buy the many pedigree puppies on sale at the exhibition but choose to give a stray puppy a home instead. They also adopted another puppy from another rescue group. Thank you Thambiyah family.


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Cheers to Thambiyah and family..

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Cheers to Fatimah too!! Most of the malays that I met will run far away when they see dogs!