Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The dog on the day of her rescue
Fighting for her life at the clinic
Please get well soon
The dogs that have been rescued from the pound - all very friendly
One of the pound dogs - at the back of the cage which is not doing too well.

The girl that was rescued for us is currently in a not so good condition at the vet's. We have been told that her heart is weak and her kidneys as well as her liver is damaged. We are puzzled as to what could possibly be causing this at the Klang pound. If you recall, several puppies rescued not long ago all died of the same thing. What is happening at the Klang pound? In addition to this girl - we are also sponsiring the treatment of four more dogs rescued from the pound. They are under our care now. Two seem to be ok but the other two appear to be doing poorly. One of the dogs doing poorly is wearing a collar. This is what the pound is good at - take in healthy dogs and infect them. Not surprising as the so-called team advising the Klang pound is made-up of a bunch of morons who think the only way forward is killing as many dogs as possible.


Anonymous said...

i have dogs at home,and i cant imagine if they get caught by the coucil just to hit their target..what MPK doing is not right!!it breaks my heart when i see dogs with collar in the dog pound or spca.Their owner must be waiting for their returns:(

from singapore said...

this is absolutely appalling!!! so cruel!!